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20 Business Ideas with No Startup Cost

I want to start my own business but I don’t have money or business ideas. Today we find many young and dynamic people who are aspiring to start small business but face the same issue.

Are you one of them? Are you fed up with doing your job? Do you want to be the boss of your own?

If yes you are at the right place, To help you we are herewith low-cost, low-risk 20 business ideas that require no money or little money.

business ideas no startup cost

20 Business Ideas with No Startup Costs:-

(1)  Recruitment Firm: – Starting a recruitment firm is a very good business idea and it does not require money. You can start this business from your home you just require a phone connection and a few contacts.

(2)  Online Website:- Starting a small website is a small but very good business idea This business contains huge potential. Today you can see many websites earning in lakhs and Crore.

(3) Freelancing:- You can start your own freelancer business anytime, this business does not require any money. You need to just post your expertise on open forum or freelancing website. Make sure to post all information like past experience, and projects to increase your perspective.

(4)  Photographer:- If you are very good at clicking photos. You can turn your hobby into a business. You just need a very good camera to start this business. You can earn money by providing professional photography services.

(5) Personal Tutor or Trainer: – If you possess good skills in teaching, providing education or personal coaching is a very good business idea. In this business, you don’t require any money for investment and you will not face any recession in this business, because education is a prime need today.

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(6) Interior Designer:- Providing interior design services is a good idea. Well, this business requires special skill and creativity to be successful.

(7) Match Making or Wedding Planner:- Most people hire matchmakers or wedding planners in marriages, so starting Match making or wedding planning business is a wonderful idea. This business requires a small amount of investment.

(8) Real Estate Brokerage or Consultancy:- You can start your own real estate brokerage or consultancy business without money. What you need is a few contacts with prospective buyers and sellers. If not, check online and print media for properties that are to be leased or sold also take the help of a classified website or local newspaper database and start contacting.

(9) Insurance consultant or Agent:- Today many people seek advice for insurance. If you are planning to start a part-time business, then working as an insurance advisor or consultant is the best idea to start with.

(10) Consulting business:- If you are an expert in certain fields like personal finance, branding, management, marketing, or advertising you can start your own consultancy firm.

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(11) Content writing:- Creation of content is an art and if you are a master in it you can start your own content writing business.

(12) Security agency or detective agency:- Security and safety are major concerns today, and people are ready to spend money for that. To start a security agency for providing manpower or to start a detective agency is another good business idea.

(13) Dance, Music, or Drawing school:- If you are good at dance, music, or drawing you can start your own dance, music, or drawing class. If you are seeking some practice, initially you can join some courses to upgrade your skills.

(14) Career counseling:- Millions of youngsters and their parents are confused about various career options. You can research about various career options and offer career counseling to them. Just share what you know do not promise the world to them.

(15) Fitness or Yoga Teacher:- If you are professionally trained you can act as a fitness or yoga teacher.

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(16) Baby Sitting and Cooking service:- If you are a woman and want to start a small business then you can opt for babysitting service or cooking service. This is a hit idea in the metro city as we find a lot of working women in the city and they often seek this type of service.

(17) Chocolate maker:- This is another idea for women, as we know chocolate is loved all over the world, and if you learn to make it in different shapes you have very good business on your hands.

(18) Tiffin Service:- If you are a very good cook and love to serve tasty food then starting tiffin service is a good idea.

(19) Event Manager:- You can act as an event manager if you are a good coordinator and can manage multiple tasks at the same time. Today many corporations and SMEs opt for Event manager for their programs.

(20) IT Support services:- Today IT is a booming field and if you are an expert in IT  you can start your own business of IT support and services.

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