Cash Deposit Machine Locator – How to find CDM Near You?

The process of finding Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) near you is very easy. You can find an address of the nearest CDM online with a click of the button. Well, before getting into the detail of How to find CDM near you? Let’s talk about ATM. ATM is used by us to withdraw cash. CDM is exactly opposite of ATM. CDM is used to deposit cash.

Cash Deposit machines are like ATM. You need to have a debit card in order to deposit cash in CDM. At many places, CDMs are installed in ATM outlets. The basic difference between ATM and CDM is ATM dispense money and CDM takes your money. Just by following simple steps you can locate and deposit your money in your account.

How to deposit cash in Cash Deposit Machine? (CDM)

Follow the steps given below to deposit cash in CDM.

  • Visit nearest CDM machine and swipe your debit card in the machine. The process is similar to ATM machine. Enter your four-digit PIN for the validation.
  • You will see various options on the screen. Select the option “Deposit Cash” by pressing on a touchscreen.
  • Select account type saving or current. Once you are done with the selection you can start depositing cash into the machine.
  • Deposit notes one by one in deposit slot. You can only deposit 100,500 and 2000 Rupee notes. The note should be in good condition. The maximum limit is Rs.49000.
  • Once you select the denomination and press confirm button, the machine will take notes inside for verification. You have to wait for few seconds. After validation of money machine will display the amount of money which you kept inside. If figures are correct press confirm and your account will be credited.

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How to find CDM near you?

The simplest method to find out CDM near you is open Google Map and type “Cash deposit machines near me” in the search tab. Make sure Location services on your device is enabled. You will able to see all CDM nearby you on the screen.

If you want to find out bank wise CDM you can go to CDM Locator website of individual banks. The bank-wise CDM locator links are given below.

SBI CDM Locator is best CDM Locator where you can find CDM on map. You just need to give address and radius and press search button.

Cash Deposit Machine Locator

In addition to CDM you will also able to find ATM,Branch, Cash POS and Cash@Petrol Pump.

If you click on Advance search you will be able to select state and city in addition to address. On map it will display CDM along with working status with symbol.

It is a quick and convenient way to deposit cash in your account. I hope you are able to locate CDM near you. Do share your queries in the comment section.

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