Online EPF withdrawal Claim Submission Process

New Online EPF withdrawal facility is introduced by EPFO recently. This facility will surely help EPF subscribers for the faster claim settlement. A hassle of submitting forms for EPF claim settlement offline will be history now. As of now the process of claim settlement is offline, which requires submission of composite claim form. It generally takes 30 days or above for EPF claim settlement. This time will be reduced up to great extent by the introduction of this facility.

In the new facility, the entire process of EPF withdrawal claim submission is online, no intervention of employer or EPFO field officer is required. The claim of submitted application will be settled in your bank account directly.

You are not required to give any supporting document while preferring online PF Part Withdrawal case. Your online application will be taken as your self-declaration for the advance claim.

Let us take a look at the claim submission process and prerequisites for submission of Online EPF withdrawal.

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Online EPF withdrawal Claim

Who can do Online EPF withdrawal?

  • You should have activated Universal Account Number.
  • Your mobile number used for UAN activation should be in working condition.
  • Your Aadhaar details should be updated in EPFO database.
  • Your bank account along with IFSC code should be seeded in EPFO database.
  • The KYC detail of your UAN account should be current and completed.
  • Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) should also be seeded in EPFO database for PF Final settlement claims in case your service is less than 5 years.

What type of EPF claims can be withdrawn online?

Three types of EPF claims can be withdrawn online. The details are given below.

  • EPF Full and Final Settlement
  • Employee Pension Scheme Withdrawal
  • EPF Partial Withdrawal of EPF advance

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How to apply for Online EPF withdrawal?

The steps involved in order to apply for online EPF withdrawal claim is given below.

online epf withdrawal

  • Login to unified portal member interface using UAN credentials.
  • Check for your KYC status. You can see and modify your KYC detail by going to Manage >> KYC link.
  • Click on Online services >> Claim (FORM-31,19 & 10C)
  • Select the relevant claim from Full EPF withdrawal, EPS withdrawal or Partial EPF withdrawal.
  • On submission of the request, OTP will be generated on your UIDAI register mobile.
  • Authenticate the claim submission using OTP.
  • On successful authentication, your claim will be submitted.
  • You can check claim status by Clicking on TRACK CLAIM STATUS.

online epf withdrawal

The new process of online EPF withdrawal will help EPF subscriber up to great extent.

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The press release about this facility is released. This Aadhaar Based Online Claim Submission facility is available now. You can login to portal and submit your claim.

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  1. Arun Singh says:

    How much time does it takes after filing the Online Claim.

  2. Kamalakannan Jayaraman says:

    I am submitted the Form-19 and 10C online but After 1 week i checked the claim status show – Claim rejected
    Reason not available.. Pls help me to over come this.

  3. Prashanth says:

    Dear Sir, I am working in a Private company from past 9 years and 10 months. My monthly contribution to PF account is 2,500. Can I withdraw my PF amount without informing to my employer? Please reply me.

  4. Reshma says:

    In the ‘select claim option’, I can see only ‘PF advance form’ option, unable to see the rest of the forms, any idea why?

    • You are only eligible for PF advance so it will display only PF Advance form.It will not display EPF Full and Final Settlement and Employee Pension Scheme Withdrawal.

      • Jiban says:

        Even a long time has passed, I am answering it because someone may need it.
        1. You will get the pension and full settlement option only after 2 months of quitting your job.
        2. In your online profile, the date of exit (DOE) must be available. To check it, go to VIEW->Service History. If DOE is not available in your service history, you will not get the final settlement or pension forms. In such case, contact your employer and request them to update it. If they do not update after your request, you have to contact PF office with document of your resignation.

  5. Rahul says:

    Hi Ravi,

    Just wanted to know – Is it possible to withdraw the amount in EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) online, when a person is employed? I ask because the EPS amount doesn’t get any interest. It is accumulated till age of 58 and we get peanuts as pension. Instead, if we can withdraw it now, it would be really good. Please update if you have any info.

    • You can withdraw the contributed EPS amount along with EPF balance.But the condition is you must not have completed 10 years of service.After that withdrawal of EPS is not allowed. You will get money on retirement only.

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