4 Stocks 100% return in last one month – Double Your Money

double your money

One of the fastest ways to double your money is a stock market investment. Believe me or not you can double your money in less than 1 month from a stock market investment. However, it requires in-depth study and research to find out hidden gems stocks that can multiply your wealth in a short span of time. Here is detail about 4 stocks that have generated more than 100% return in last one month.

4 Stocks 100% return in last one month – Double Your Money

Patel Engineering

Patel Engineering is construction and infrastructure Service Company of India. The stock of Patel Engineering has given 144% return in past 1 month and 71% return in last 1 year. The recent increase in stock price is due to the arbitration award of Rs.2500 Cr recently won by a company with cabinet decision. This amount will be used to reduce the debt level of the company. A strong order book is plus point of this company.

Donear Industries

Donear Industries is leading textile company of India. The donear Industries has given 111% return in past 1 month and 338% return in last 1 year. This stock has surged due to a lot of buying actions and heavy volumes.

Ducon Infratechnologies

A Ducon Infratechnologies is a diversified technology company. A Ducon Infratechnologies has given 92% return in past 1 month and 134% return in last 1 year. The main reason for the surge in stock price is recent agreement with the chinese company for the supply of DeNox Catalyst.

Balkrishna Paper Mills

Balkrishna Paper Mills is dealing in manufacturing of textiles, garments yarn, home furnishing and paper. A stock of Balkrishna Paper mills has given 88% return in past one month and 139% return in past 1 year. The main reason for an increase in stock price is a lot of buying action on the stock.

double your money

Although stocks mentioned above were able to double the investor money in last one month, it is not guaranteed that these stock will double your money again in near future. It is advisable to stay away from these stocks now as the valuation of these stocks is very high.

Stock Recommended by Leading Brokerage House 

If you are a long-term investor you should invest in blue chip stock with good fundamental and future growth. A stock market expert from various brokerage houses has suggested few stocks for investment.

Reliance Industries

Target – Rs 1400

Broking House – KRChoksey

Reliance Industries is recommended stock by KRChoksey. As per KRChoksey latest launch, Reliance Jio will defiantly lead to increase in the company earning. Assuming only 5 Cr customer joins Jio and each customer take subscription of Rs 500 per month it will generate revenue of Rs. 2500 Cr per month and Rs.30,000 Cr per year. That is the potential of the upcoming business of reliance jio. An increase in revenue and profit margin will impact positively on the stock price.

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Target – Rs 830

Broking House – SMC Global

Brokerage house SMC Global is bullish on UPL and recommending buy this stock with target price of Rs.830. UPL is leading agro Sector Company of India. A recent merger with Advanta seed will be beneficial to the company. Revenue and profit margin of UPL is increasing and one can invest in the stock.


Target – Rs 1400

Broking House – Prabhudas Liladhar

Broking house Pradbhudas Liladhar is recommending buying Infosys with a target price of Rs. 1400. Last quarter profit and revenue margin was low however, a company is strong in comparison with other companies in the same field. The company is about to launch some new initiative like zero distance, design thinking, and artificial intelligence.

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These stocks may not double your money in 1 month, however, it is expected that these stock will generate very good positive returns for the investor in future.

What is your take on these stocks?

Where are you investing your money?

Do you hold any of the stock mentioned above?

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