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15 Rural Small Town Business Ideas for 2024

Rural Small Town Business Ideas are business ideas that are appropriate for rural or small-town areas. These business ideas are low cost, easy to start and made for low population areas.

People nowadays think of starting a business in big cities however, as per me a small town or village is a better option to start the business. You are likely to face lower competition in small-town areas for the business. The investment required in rural businesses is low.

So, if you are living in a small-town or if you are interested in traveling to a rural area to start your own business, then you will find this article interesting. Here is a list of 15 Rural Small Town Business Ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs of rural areas.

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15 Rural Small Town Business Ideas for 2024

#1 Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is one of the best business ideas for a small town. You will need a small space and a good team to open a restaurant. The investment required for a restaurant business is moderate. You will need FSSAI registration and local municipality registration to open a restaurant. You can source Restaurant Equipment and Supplies from – https://www.nellaonline.com/

#2 Vegetable and Fruit Mart

A second business option for the rural area is starting a vegetable and fruit mart. As vegetable and fruit are produced in the rural area availability of fruit and vegetable is high. You can take a rented shop and start vegetable and fruit retail or wholesale business. It is a low-cost business with a very good profit margin.

#3 Food Retailing

Food retailing is an excellent business option for rural as well as urban areas. Food retailer keeps all food-related packed items (non-perishable items) in the store. It is as good as a grocery store with only food-related packed items. It is a growing business with a lot of opportunities.

#4 Mobile Phone Accessories Store

Mobile Phone Accessories store is next in the list of rural business ideas. The usage of mobile phones is skyrocketing. Along with the increase in the usage of mobile phone requirements of accessories such as mobile covers, chargers, headphone, and other items are growing. One can open a store for keeping all mobile phone accessories. Along with mobile phone accessories, one can go for mobile recharge business.

#5 Fertilizer and Seed Store

Agriculture is one of the prime business of the rural area. Thus starting fertilizer and seed store is a promising business option for the rural area. In this business, you need to sell fertilizer and seeds in your shop. It is advisable to tie up and keep fertilizer and seeds for multiple companies. In addition to fertilizer, you can sell pesticides in your shop.

#6 Flower Business

Flower business or florist is next on the list of small-town business ideas. In this business, you need to sell flowers. It is a low investment evergreen business option. The requirement of flowers will always remain due to regional usage and use in marriage and other events. In rural area availability of flowers is high. In addition to the above, you can purchase flowers from a rural area and sell them in the urban area.

#7 Organic Farming

Organic farming means naturally farming of crops without using fertilizer, pesticides, and chemicals. One can start an organic farming business in the rural area. In a rural area, a lot of lands is available at a lower cost. If you have expertise in farming you can enter into an evergreen business of organic farming.

#8 Readymade Cloth Store

Readymade Cloth store is one of the best business options for the small town. In readymade cloth stores you need to keep readymade cloths. You can keep the cloth of ladies, gents as well as kids. You will need a small rented shop to start this business. As it is a rural area, it is advisable to keep clothes with economic range.

#9 Pharmacy Store

Opening a pharmacy store is next on the list. You need to have a license of pharmacy to open a pharmacy store. As pharmacy is one of the essential requirement the chance of getting success in the pharmacy business is very high.

#10 Fish Farming

Fish farming means farming of fish in the artificial environment and tanks/pounds. The requirement of fish is very high in the domestic as well as abroad. Thus starting a fish farming makes sense. Investment required for fish farming is high. You will require land, suitable environment as well as knowledge to start fish farming.

#11 Poultry Farming

Poultry farming means animal husbandry to raise birds such as chickens, ducks etc. The basic idea here is to deal with eggs and meat of animals.  In this business, you need to take the utmost care in terms of the living environment, feeding and other basic requirements. It is advisable to gain some experience before starting poultry farming.

#12 Computer Training Course

A computer expert can plan to start a computer training course business in the small town area. Computer experts are required in almost every small or big business. So, people are ready to spend money on learning computer. At an initial stage, you can start a basic course on word, excel, and powerpoint. At a later stage, you can start an advanced course related to computers and IT.

#13 Farm Equipment maintenance

Farm equipment’s are widely used in rural areas for farming. Almost every farm equipment’s required maintenance over a period of time. So, it is a good idea to start farm equipment maintenance business in the rural area. You require expert manpower with knowledge of farm equipment to start this business.

#14 Crop production labor services

Farming is one of the core professions in rural areas. To do farming most of the people are dependent on farm labor. If you are good at manpower management you can start crop production and labor services business.

#15 Grocery Shop

The first small town business idea is starting a grocery shop. A grocery shop is a place where you need to sell household items and grain. At an initial stage, you can take a shop on rent to start a grocery shop. You can tie up directly with framers for purchasing grain. This will help you in gaining a higher profit margin.   

Over to you –

I hope you have got a complete understanding of popular rural small town business ideas.

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