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15 Mutual Funds gives 40%+ Annual Return

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Do you invest your money in mutual funds? If yes what is maximum return you expect from mutual funds? 12%, 15% or 20% but what if mutual funds give returns of 40% or more?  At first instance you may say that are you joking!

Well No, today I will share information about 15 Mutual funds that have already given return of 45%+ in last year.

15 Top Mutual Funds

Sector Funds:-

Among top mutual funds UTI Transport &Logistics -Direct (G) sector based fund is ruling chart today with 65.8% yearly return, similarly another sector fund ICICI Pru Technology – Direct (G) is also ruling chart with 56.5% return.

sector mutual funds

You must be thinking what kind of magic is done by fund manager so that these funds are giving humongous return. Well from my point of view nothing. In past sector based stock related to IT and transport has performed well so these mutual funds are giving good return.

Although these sector funds are giving best return it is risky to invest in sector fund as investment in sector fund means investment in specific sector if that sector does not perform better you are gone.

Diversified Funds:-

Another types of funds which has given more than 45% return in last year in diversified funds.

ICICI Pru Exp & Other Services-DP (G) fund has given return of 51.1% and ICICI Pru Exp &Other Services-RP (G) fund has given  52.1% return.


Small Cap and Mid Cap Funds:-

Among the best performing small and mid-cap stock mutual funds, Reliance Small Cap Fund, rules the chart with a 48.8% annual return. Other funds which gave best return in last year are UTI Mid-Cap fund 47% annual return, Franklin (I) Smaller Co -Direct (G) 44.9%, Birla SL Pure Value – Direct (G) 44.2%, SBI Midcap Fund – Direct (G) 43.9% & HSBC Small Cap Fund – Direct (G) 41.6% return.


From above list we can say that Small Cap and Mid Cap funds are star performer and total 8 funds among 15 funds are from small cap and mid cap.

As so many funds have together achieved such high returns, we carry out study to know is there some pattern in which the investments have been made by these funds.

Surprisingly, a close study of the portfolios does not reveal any apparent pattern.  Credit goes to fund manager who has selected best small cap and mid cap stocks which gave best returns.

What is your take on these mutual funds and returns?

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