7 Best stocks – Consistent returns for last 5 years

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“I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years – Warren Buffet”. If you had followed this investment advice of warren buffet and invested 1 Lakh each in Ajanta Pharma, Eicher Motors, Symphony and Lupin in 2011 and held it for five years, your investment would have grown to Rs 7.7 Lakh, Rs 14 Lakh, Rs 9.2 Lakh and Rs 3.53 Lakh respectively by now.

This translates into absolute return of 670%, 1300%, 820% and 253% respectively. By comparison, the Sensex and Nifty have gained 44% and 47%, respectively since 2011 on an absolute return basis.

Number of stocks has outperformed the market and given very good returns to the investor. I am here with 7 Best stocks which gave consistent returns to the investor in last 5 years.

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7 Best stocks – Consistent returns for last 5 years

7 Best stocks which gave consistent returns are Ajanta Pharma, La Opala RG, Kajaria Ceramics, Vakrangee, Hatsun Agro Products and Webco India. These stocks have given positive returns to investor every year.

In the 5 year span of 2011 to 2016 stock of Ajanta Pharma, La Opala RG, Kajaria Ceramics, Vakrangee, Hatsun Agro Products and Webco India has increased by 3700%,3164%, 1125%, 1043%, 945%, 652% and 412% respectively.

7 best stocks consistent returns

Note – This returns are from July to July and for Year 2016 it is half yearly return.

These stocks are giving constant positive returns to the investor. Few compelling reasons why these stocks are constantly performing well are given below.

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These stocks are fundamentally strong and if you check balance sheet of these stock you will find consistent growth in net profit and increase in revenue. Overseas Investor FII’s are making an investment in many of these stocks regularly. A business model of these companies are very good and all these companies have very good earning potential in future.

In addition to above stocks, few other stocks that are outperforming and giving very good returns to investors are Balkrishna Industries, Supreme Industries, Divi’s Lab, Glaxo Smith Consumer, Lupin, Eicher Motors and Symphony. You can invest in these stocks for the long term perspective.

What is your take on these 7 Best stocks?

Do you feel that these stocks will give good returns in future?

Do share your views in the comment section.

Article by Raviraj

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  1. Satyanarayna says:

    What are the best stocks for next ten years
    (Consistent performers)

  2. Nishant Gupta says:

    Hi Ravi, thanks for the post. Its a nice post.
    But what stucks my mind is WHAT NEXT?

    In one’s investment journey we always try to buy at lower levels while we buy. Now would you sell these above stocks or add more at current values or wait for them to drop to buy more.
    In last option, its a never ending cycle untill one has the money to invest. If one buys at current levels then money drops in case of a drop in share value.
    Would appreciate your clarification here as same is the case while investing in Mutual Funds for wealth creation.


    • Dear Nishant,

      Thanks for your comment.You are correct that one should follow buy low and sell high strategy.However, for the stock where business model is good,fundamental is excellent and earning potential is guaranteed you should not look at the price.For Next few years also this stocks are likely to do better.

      Your next question is interesting and difficult to answer.Investor behaviour varies based on multiple factor and one such factor is availability of money.However, as per me one should make Financial Plan (make a goal) before investing money. I think investment with goal is best way for investing.

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