Should you buy property via real estate website?

real estate website

Real Estate website today offer a facility to buy property online. My friend recently shifted from Surat to Bangalore due to job change. He wanted to buy property at Bangalore, but he was hesitant to approach local brokers as he was unsure about their credibility. He tried the various online real estate website to buy property. He shortlisted best real estate website and cracked the deal. He was sharing his experience that how these real estate websites helped him for a site visit, documentation and finalization of property.

If you want to buy property like my friend you must explore various real estate website before finalizing the deal. Although the actual transaction happens offline, sophisticated features offers by these real estate websites will help you a lot. Let’s explore various features offered by these websites.

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Features offered by Real Estate Websites

360 Degree Live Tour – & are leading real estate websites, these websites offer 360 degree live tour facility. The live tour will show you everything you need to know about the property before buying. You need not to waste your time on site visits.

 Verified Listing –

These websites carry out verification before listing property advertisement. They check each and every aspect of the property. This is to ensure that property advertisement is 100% real and accurate.

Map Based Search –

Property website like also offers map-based search facility. You can browse area wise property listing on the map. This is the easiest method to find a property online.

iHome –

A real estate website like provides a facility called as iHome. Using iHome you can book the property by making small token payment online. If you don’t like property you can get this amount as a refund.

Filter Based Search –

These property portals offer filter based search facility which is very helpful to the customer.  You can filter search based on price, rent, location and proximity facility like school, airport, railway, hospital etc.  This feature will defiantly save your time for property search.

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Saving Money –

These real estate websites not only save your time it will also save your money. You can save brokerage as you can directly get in touch with the owner of the property.

Best Real Estate Website of India

You can explore following best real estate websites of India.

Should you buy a property via real estate website?

Hope you have got your answer. You should explore real estate websites before buying any property. These websites will not only save your time it will also save money.

Have you used any of the above-mentioned sites for property search?

Do Share your experience.

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