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10 Profitable Business Ideas after Covid -19

10 Profitable Business Ideas after COVID-19 – Corona Virus has created havoc in the world. This highly contagious virus is spreading very fast. No medical treatment or vaccine is available as of now. The only way to stay protected from this virus is to maintain social distancing, wear the mask, and do frequent sanitization.

Apart from disturbing personal life, Covid-19 has also impacted financial life. The earning of almost every individual is affected. Many people have lost their jobs. It seems the entire life is standstill. Coronavirus is likely to remain in our life for a few months or maybe a year. It may take time to normalize the current situation but let’s not lose hope. Life will be back to normal soon.

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Covid-19 has generated new business opportunities. Here are some of the trending business ideas which will help you to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

business ideas after covid

10 Profitable Business Ideas after Covid -19

Online Education

The first profitable business idea after covid-19 is building an online education system. Online Education after Covid-19 has become the norm. This has happened due to the availability of low-cost internet and reliable connecting tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc. These tools can accommodate a large number of students in the online meeting. They also provide a whiteboard and screen sharing facility. You can adopt any of these tools and start your online education business. It could be online tuitions, special coaching classes, online teaching for specialized courses, or webinars.

Working as Freelancer

You can start your work online as a freelancer. Freelancing jobs do not require special skills. You require the basic skill of computers to become a freelancer. You can take up a job such as content writing, graphic designing, data entry, translation jobs. These types of jobs are easily available in the market.


Blogging is one of my favorite business ideas. Investment required for starting blogging is very less and you can earn a lot of money via blogging. You need to put your thoughts and ideas in a proper way. You should have a good command of English or the language in which you are blogging. Blogging can earn your money via sponsored advertisement, affiliate marketing, and Google Adsense.


Becoming a YouTuber is the next business idea after blogging. After Covid-19, people have a lot of time and people sitting idle at home are making use of this time for watching videos. The viewership of YouTube is increasing day by day. If you have the skill to make videos that can entertain people or educate them, you can become YouTubers. You can make videos on various topics such as finance, cooking, travel, art, dancing, movies, or any other catching topic. You need to make videos and publish them on YouTube. You will be paid for the advertisement placed on the video. Alternatively, a paid subscription on a channel can also bring you money.

Selling Health Care Items

Masks, sanitizers, oximeter all these medical products have become part of our life and likely to remain in our life even post covid. You can sell health care products to retailers, wholesalers, and local vendors. You need to establish proper sales and distribution channel for the business. The market for health care items is not yet saturated. The supply side of health care items is slightly weak in rural areas. If you can start a business, in a rural area you will get quick success.

Home Made Food

Preparing and selling homemade food is next in the list of business ideas after COVID-19. There are many people who are looking for homemade food in this pandemic. If you love to make tasty, healthy and nutritious food this idea is for you. You need to prepare food and sell it at home. You can also start home delivery.

Home Made Art, Craft & Gift Items

The hobby of making art, craft and gift items can be converted to business ideas. You can make art, craft and gift items at home and sell it. You can even make use of online selling platforms for this business. These home based business is growing. Investment required for this business is very low.

Door to Door delivery

Door to door delivery or courier service business is next in the list. After Covid-19 demand of delivery services such as grocery, medicine and other items is growing. The business of door or door delivery likely to remain in demand. As people have fear of Covid-19 they do not take risk of going out from home. Most of the people prefer to get items on doorstep. You can take necessary precaution and start this business. You need to recruit number of people for door to door delivery.

Cab Services

Providing fast and reliable cab services is next business idea on the list. Corona virus has pose challenge to maintain social distancing and avoiding crowded place. People are likely to use their own vehicle or separate vehicle for commuting. You can make good amount of money on daily basis by providing cab services.

Employment Agency

Millions of people have lost their jobs during corona times. Thus starting employment agency would make sense. You need to help candidate in finding a job. You can earn good commission income via employment agency. You need to work hard in starting and running employment agency.

Over to you

You need to consider demand of product in the market before starting any business. Most of the people are not spending money on luxuries and comforts. People are focusing on necessities

The first thing to take into consideration is the Demand in the market. Due to the lockdown, not everything is required, and we must keep the luxuries and comforts aside. Providing necessities and the high demand for them is a major contributor to the market and will generate new business ideas.

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