Can one Whatsapp Message make India rich?

Today I have received message on whatsapp saying that India can be rich country if people of India follow advice given in this message for 90 days. Let me share partial content of Whatsapp message with you. Whatsapp Message Content:- “अगर सभी भारतीय 90 दिन तक   कोई भी विदेशी सामान नहीं ख़रीदे… तो भारत दुनिया का दूसरा सबसे अमीर देश बन सकता है..  सिर्फ 90 दिन में ही भारत के   2 रुपये 1 डॉलर के बराबर हो जायेंगे..  हम […]

5 Unknown Facts about Bank Lockers

Bank locker is just like your saving bank account. In saving bank account we place money while in locker we can keep our valuable item such as jewelry, property paper and important document such as will etc. Item which we feel should not be kept at home we place it in bank lockers. Today we will discuss about 5 often ignored unknown facts about bank lockers. 5 Unknown Facts about Bank Lockers:- (1)  I need to open Fixed Deposit or […]

15 Mutual Funds gives 40%+ Annual Return

Do you invest your money in mutual funds? If yes what is maximum return you expect from mutual funds? 12%, 15% or 20% but what if mutual funds give returns of 40% or more?  At first instance you may say that are you joking! Well No, today I will share information about 15 Mutual funds that have already given return of 45%+ in last year. 15 Top Mutual Funds Sector Funds:- Among top mutual funds UTI Transport &Logistics -Direct (G) […]

10 Snakes and Ladders of your personal finance life

Snakes and ladders is very famous game & most of us have played this game in childhood. This game is played on game board containing print of snakes and ladders. In this game player will throw numbered gridded square and navigate their position based on number on this square. If they end up on snakes their position is eaten away and if they end up on ladder they step up in position. This simple game has a lot of resemblance […]

Which Investment option you prefer for your child?

Today’s parent decide career option of their children’s before their birth. Just like Mr.Qureshi of 3 Idiots who has decided that “My son will be engineer” although Farhan wanted to be wild life photographer. Well nothing wrong in deciding your child’s career but what about money require to fulfill this desire. What about securing financial future of child?  Today we will discuss about Investment option for your child’s future. Which Investment option you prefer for your child? Given a choice […]