12 Blue chip Stocks 2015

I have recently shared information about 20 blue chip stocks that gave more than 100% return in 2013. In this post I will be sharing information about 12 blue chip stocks suggested by Amar Ambani of India Infoline. 2013 was very good year for stock market. Sensex gave return of 44% during past one year. It is believed that sensex will continue to grow in 2015.  With this belief India Infoline has identified 12 blue chip stocks which are extremely […]

A Second Income Source how and why?

Do you think that your primary source of income is enough to fulfill your dream? If not you need second income source.  Another reason of having second source of income is to live risk free financial life. Opting for Second income source is like taking insurance policy. Imagine the situation if you are dismissed from your job unexpectedly or all of sudden you made huge loss in your business. At this moment if you have second source of income it […]

20 Stocks that gave over 100% return last year

NSE Nifty soar and hits all time high this year. Soon nifty is expected to touch 8000 level. Narendra Modi-led government is doing good job and Indian economy is on right track. Investor who purchased stock last year and decided to stay invested is now enjoying as they have doubled their money in one year. I have come across 20 magnificent stocks that gave over 100% return last year. Here is a list of stocks that brought big smile for investors. […]

10 Best Safe Investments in India

My friend Suresh is looking for safe investment option. In recent past he lost a couple of money in stock market and now he want to invest only in safe investment options. I know many of you must be looking for safe investment option for investment. To help you out I have evaluated various investment options and here is 10 Best Safe Investments in India along with tenure, return, tax applicability and other details. 10 Best Safe Investments in India […]

Best Stock Held by Top Mutual Fund 2014

Earlier in 2013 I have shared simple yet effective idea to make stock market investment, by using this idea many people had made lot of money. Idea was quite simple. Find top mutual funds & identify top holding of this mutual funds. Invest in these top holdings and see the magic. In our earlier post with using same idea we have recommended to invest in ICICI Bank, Larsen & Toubro, Lupin, Maruti, Pidilite Industries,Wipro & Zee entertainment. These stocks gave […]

Learning from Berkshire Hathaway Stock

Berkshire Hathaway Stock hits $2,00,000 on Thursday 14th Aug,2014. For those who don’t know about this company Berkshire Hathaway is brain child of Warren Buffet. It is basically insurance & investment firm. Berkshire Hathaway’s success story is known to world. With rise in this stock price it is now one of the largest in world in terms of market capitalization. Current valuation of Berkshire Hathaway is more than 333$ billion. Berkshire stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange in […]