Real Estate and Business key source of wealth for super rich

Super rich is mouth-watering word. Today everyone wants to be super rich but very few knows how super rich generate wealth, where they invest and how they spend. We are herewith quick report on super rich. Risk and reward are adjacent to each other. Super rich understand this fact very well. Super rich have strong preference for investing in to riskier asset class.  Real estate and equity are key source of wealth for super rich says Kotak Wealth Management Report […]

5 Websites for Filing Income Tax Return

Gone are days where CA or advocate was required for filing income tax return. Today you can file income tax return online with one click. Last day of filing income tax return in nearby and you must be doing paperwork for filing tax return. In order to help you we are herewith 5 website for filing income tax return. 5 Websites for Filing Income Tax Return Taxsmile Taxsmile is leading portal for filing tax return. This portal provide facility for […]

10 Best Short Term Investment Options

My friend shyam has excessive money and he is in search of short term investment option. He want to get quick return. Do you have excessive money? Do you want to invest this money for short term?  If yes you are at correct place today we will be discussing about 10 best short term investment options. Short term Investment need:- Short term investment option is required when we have excessive money and there is pressing expense expected in near future. […]

When did you last check your locker? – Crime Patrol Story

Locker perhaps most secure place to keep our valuables. Everyone keeps jewellery and valuable in bank’s lockers, but do you maintain list what you have kept inside your locker? How often you check your locker? You might be thinking why I am asking silly questions. Well today I am herewith true story shown by crime patrol on Diamonds burglary from Bank’s Locker. Crime Patrol Story:- Story is of diamond trader from Mumbai who keeps his diamonds in National People Bank’s […]

Business or Job – Building Pipeline or Hauling Bucket

Today everyone is running after money. Everyone wants to build wealth, but very few know how to build wealth. Wealth is not about how much money you earn. Wealth is about how much money you keep. Today we keep on hearing one question  I should start business or continue with my job. To answer this let me share with you interesting story of Building Pipelines or Hauling Bucket. This story I have read in book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by […]

New Income Tax Calculator with Email Facility

Tax payer needs to file ITR within due date. For salaried individual due date for submission of ITR is 31st, July, 2014. To help you in computing your tax liability CBDT has launched new online “tax calculator”. This income tax calculator also includes email facility.  Compute your tax liability and send email about income and tax computation on your email id. New Income Tax Calculator  This Tax calculator is hosted on Income tax website and meant for providing assistance to […]