Black Money Hawala and Jan Dhan Yojana

As per RBI hawala operator and money launderers can misuse Jan Dhan Yojana for Hawala & Black Money. Hawala operators can split big amount and using several bank accounts they can operate Hawala network.  RBI issues caution to banks in this regard. What is Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana? Jan Dhan Yojana was launched by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi on 15th Aug, 2014. Prime Intention behind this yojana was to open bank account for every Indians. Several crores of accounts […]

Money management Inspired by water

Money is vital need today. No human being can live without money. Money is power, freedom perhaps everything for us. People are crazy about money & they are ready to do anything for money. Earning money is not enough, it is essential to do money management also. Today I am going to explain you money management with help of water. Sounds interesting right! Let’s look at money management inspired by water. Money management inspired by Water Money management share lot […]

Cost to Company or CTC misleading term

CTC or cost to company is often misleading term. Let me share with you recent incident. My friend got job in one very good MNC company. He got offer of 6 Lac as CTC (cost to company).  He was unable to control his happiness. He immediately joined this company. He got surprise after one month as his take home salary was very less compare to his CTC (cost to company). This happens to many people today as people often get […]

Highest Dividend Yield Stocks of Sensex

Dividend is amount paid by company to shareholder usually distribution of profit. Dividend amount is often measured in terms of dividend yield or as dividend per share. What is Dividend Yield? Dividend Yield is financial ratio that indicates how much shareholders are paid in the form of dividend every year. it is calculated by dividing amount of dividend by the share price. Let’s take simple example one price of one auto share is 200 Rs/- and Dividend per share is […]

Value of money – 10 Rupee True Story

In today’s world we find two types of people. One is wealthy people who don’t care of money. They spend money without any hesitation. Second is Poor people who value money they think thrice before spending money. So which one you are do you value money? Well let me ask you simple question. Imagine if you have 10 rupee what you will do? Well you must be thinking what type of question it is and what is value of 10 […]