This Republic Day Grab 70% discount with Amazon

Online shopping is trend is growing in India. In order to compete in market E-commerce stores are offering discount offers to customer every week. On the occasion of Republic Day Amazon has come up with new sale cum discount offers called as “Amazon Republic Deals Parade”. This sale will start from 23rd January and last up to republic day 26th January, 2015. Best part about this sale is free shipping for all orders. This will bring extra saving for you. […]

How to use ICICI Twitter Banking?

India’s biggest private sector bank ICICI goes social with recent launch of twitter banking.  This service enables ICICI bank customer to transfer funds to friends and relative using twitter account.  This service is named as “icicibankpay”. It is first-of-its kind service in India. Apart from transferring of funds it also allows you to recharge your post paid mobile. Payment using this service is secured by two factor authentication. Any ICICI saving bank account customer with twitter account can use this […]

Financial Products for women in India

Women’s are becoming self-sufficient today. Women prefer to make their own financial decision parenting to financial planning and investment. Keeping specific needs of women’s in mind many financial products are available in market. These products are meant to bring financial independence for women’s. Let’s take a look at financial products available for women’s in India. Saving Accounts of Women Banks are offering special saving accounts for women’s. These accounts come with extra benefits like lower average minimum balance, personal accident […]

Gift Tax and Wealth Tax in India

As an Indian we are bound to pay multiple taxes :). We pay more than 20 types of taxes to government of India. In this article I will discuss about gift tax and wealth tax. Although we don’t have separate tax called as “Gift Tax”, but if you are going to receive money exceeding value 50,000 Rs/- as a gift get ready to pay additional income tax. Tax on Gift Under Income tax law if you receive any sum of […]

Fixed Deposit most preferred Investment option of India

As an Individual where do you prefer to invest your money?  Equity, Mutual Funds, PPF, Gold, fixed deposit, Insurance or somewhere else? Well smart investors always prefer equity as asset class, as it gives decent returns in long run. However Recent Karvy’s Annual Private Wealth Report for 2014 says something else. As per this report fixed deposit is most preferred investment option of Indian. Fixed deposit investment is risk free. Investment in fixed deposit gives returns in range of 8-9% but, If […]