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What is Killing your Sales Dreams?

Do you know what is the number one thing that is killing your sales and your dreams?

A few months back, I was attending a three-day workshop on communications, sales, and public speaking.

Now remember, the speaker, the presenter, and the facilitator, gave us a pretty interesting assignment, he gave each one of us a little, small camera, and the assignment was we need to do a 30-second/one-minute sales pitch about what we do, about our brand, about a product, and we would record ourselves.

And there were hundreds of us in the room and we all did it, it was, okay, that’s interesting, we were doing our sales pitch, and what was fascinating was, when we were all done, he would pick different people from the audience and they would play the clip on the big TV.

Now, you’ve got to imagine, that there’s a lot of pressure, a few hundred people in the room, and he would play it, but with no sound.

What we didn’t know is the little camcorder, you had no sound, it doesn’t record audio.

And we would watch ourselves and, oh my goodness, we would cringe, because when you hear no sound, all you could see is the body language, and it was shocking, almost 80% of us, all suck.

We were not convincing, we were not compelling, and our body language was not so good. 

It was eye-opening for me.

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What is Killing your Sales Dreams?

You see, the number one thing that’s killing you and your dreams, it is not your script, it is not your technique, it is not your ability, and it is not even how many years of experience you have.

It is one word, belief.

You lack belief.

I see this a lot in public speaking, in platform closing, you will see a speaker, walks up to the stage, super confident, charismatic, funny, tells phenomenal stories, and it’s great, and he’s in it having a good time, the audience is having a good time, and by the time he transitions into some kind of offer, now he needs to talk about what he does, and how he could further help the audience, you will see the man, and the woman, they change on stage from that confident person, that speaker.

Suddenly, now they need to talk about what they do, well, you know, if you don’t mind, I would love to just spend, maybe, just a few minutes, not too long, but just a few minutes to talk about what I do, if that’s okay with you.

Low-confidence, What the heck just happened? Why?

Because they lack conviction, they lack belief, they don’t really believe what they sell, and they don’t really believe what they do.

What is holding you back?

Not technique, do you believe, truly believe in your product, your service, yourself, your brand?

Are you communicating that? What I sometimes see on YouTube, on social media, and someone would comment, a stupid comment, oh, Shitanshu, you’re just trying to sell your course.

Of course, I am, because here’s what I believe, and you don’t have to buy my belief, that I believe that when you truly believe in what you do, it is your job to get it out there, it is your duty, your obligation to put yourself out there, to push your brand, to push your product out there.

I’m gonna sell them something that they don’t even know that they need, and by the time I am done, they’re going to say thank you, that’s the conviction I have, I have no problem, I’m constantly promoting, I’m constantly pushing, I’m constantly closing every single day because I believe in what I do.

You can check out my Google Review Rating it is 5 out of 5 – Why? Because I deliver TRUE value in my course. 

The question is, do you believe in what you do?

You see, there’s nothing more important, there’s nothing more important in the business world than someone who has the ability to close and sell.

Warren Buffet’s the best salesperson for his company, Bill Gates is the best salesperson for his company, think about it, Steve Jobs is the number one salesperson for Apple. 

Are you the number one salesperson for what you do, for your industry, and for your company?

Are you the champion, are you the number one spokesperson for what you do?

You see, you have a moral obligation, you see, nothing happens until a sale is made in business, it doesn’t matter what you do until a sale is made (hand slapping), nothing happens, that’s what pays the salaries, that’s what pays for the equipment, that’s what fulfills the orders.

As a closer, you need to close every single day, all the time.

Even when you borrow money from the bank, you need to sell them on your ability to repay the loan, so you have a moral obligation, if you truly believe in what you do, to sell, to close, to convince, to persuade, to influence, every single day.

When I see someone, if you have any negative association, even one tiny bit, about selling, about closing, you’re broke, I guarantee.

I’ve never met a highly successful person, in any field, who is not very good at what they do, who is not passionate about what they do, and who doesn’t talk about what they do all the time.

So here’s my assignment for you, you go and make a video, you do a 30 -second/one-minute sales elevator pitch, you do that, and you upload that to YouTube.

Watch yourself, put yourself out there, and send me a link on, I’m going to take a look, and if it’s good, I’m going to give you a thumb’s up, if it’s no good, I’m going to give you a thumb’s down.

You’ll see it. Do that, and you watch yourself. 

How much conviction do you have?

How much belief do you have about what you do?

That is what is going to get you to your goals, that is what is going to tell people how convincing are you, and how much you actually believe in what you do.

Go ahead and do that.

Remember – Your Belief can Kill your Sales Dreams.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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