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What If My Business Does Not Work?

I have recently started my new business. What if my business does not work? This question was asked by my student.

What if it doesn’t work? Whatever business you’re trying doesn’t work? Here is my answer.

Let me share with you a quick story. One of the things I teach all my students in lead generation & sales workshop is sometimes when you are on the phone with a prospect and they are asking the question, the prospect’s asking, well you know is there a guarantee if this doesn’t work?

Like, how do you handle this objection? And the way I teach it, you don’t try to justify, oh yeah, it’s going to work and we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee, and let me tell you, all these clients that we have all these customers that we have and what kind of results they have gotten, No.

That’s not what we should say. The way I teach them how we handle this objection, is so the prospect says, well is there a guarantee if this doesn’t work?

Can I get my money back?

You reply well, do I get a bonus, if this does work?

That’s how you reply.

Now, what does that have to do, what does closing have to do with this?

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What if my Business does not work?

The problem with most people is, they are thinking about, you know what, let me have plan B, let me have plan C.

So, whatever they’re doing, let’s say a business, right, they’re pursuing this business, they’re trying to, let’s say, do e-commerce or they’re trying to do affiliate marketing or they’re trying to do Shopify.

Whatever it is that you are pursuing right? And they ask themselves, wow, just in case that doesn’t work let me have a plan B and maybe let me also maybe learn how to do like, you know, speculate in Crypto Currency or some shit like that right?

And then from there, oh in case that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll also do something in real estate market or something like that right?

Like, you have Plan C and then Plan D, oh you know, just in case maybe Plan D maybe let me also study some kind of program in schools in the case at least all these things don’t work, I still get a job, right?

One, two, three, four, guess what.

Here is what happens that expectation, the expectation of failure, leads to failure.

You are already expecting the thing doesn’t work and then guess what, then it doesn’t work.

Because you’re expecting it not to work.

That’s why you have plan B, that’s why you have there’s plan C.

This is like imagine, you’re getting married and you say to yourself, you know I think my husband is nice but just in case this husband doesn’t work out, let me get a second husband just in case, right?

Let me have a husband B and just in case that doesn’t work, let me make sure I have another backup, I have a husband C and D, in case husband A doesn’t work.

See how ridiculous this sounds?

No, when you commit, you make it work. You want to make it work. In spite, I know what you’re going to say, all the issues, oh but, the divorce rate is so high in India. I know that.

But what I’m saying is when you commit doesn’t matter, it business, relationship, in your life, career, you got to make it work. 

You are expecting it to work.

You don’t give it the possibility, but that doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

That doesn’t mean you’re naive. That doesn’t mean you don’t think from all angles, it doesn’t mean that you’re assuming or it doesn’t mean you don’t look at the downside it just means, the expectation you have, you are expecting to work.

Meaning, here’s the way I like to see it.

Expect the best, and prepare for the worst.

Expect that it’s going to work.

Expect it’s going to be great.

But I’m also protected.

I’m prepared for the downside.

I’m prepared, what happens if it doesn’t work, how do I pivot, what do I need to do to make it work?

But instead, when you have so many plan C and contingency plans and all that all those are for wimps.

One thing.

All in. Put all your energy into it. Even Warren Buffett said, right, put all your eggs in one basket and then you watch the basket closely.

It’s very, very true.

Put all your eggs in one basket, you watch it very, very closely.

Instead, of jumping from one thing and all these other things, no.

You stay focused, you stay laser beam focused.

You don’t even give yourself the leeway, what if it doesn’t work?

You got to make it work.

Everything I do, it works because I make it work. Not if it doesn’t work.

Don’t give yourself the possibility. That’s a loser mentality.

You need to believe in yourself that everything is possible and really works. In the world of online business, we need to be confident and optimistic all the time for us to achieve our goals and be successful. Without that mindset, our hard work will not be paid off.

So, don’t ask – What if my Business does not work?

Decide & make your business work.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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