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Top 10 New Business Ideas in India 2019

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Top New Business Ideas – It takes courage and commitment to start your own business. If you have decided to start your own business and looking for new business ideas I have something interesting for you. I am herewith a list of 10 New Business Ideas.

Some of the business ideas require skills, investment and licensing while others require only a few bucks and internet connection. You can decide which business idea is more suitable based on your skills and affordability.

10 New Business Ideas in India 2019

  1. Making Chatbots

The first new business idea in the list is chatbot making. Today every website need chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence and sends response via auditory or textual manner. Chatbots helps business to do work automation. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction. If you are technically sound you can establish your own business of making customized chatbots based on business requirement. It is a new booming business with a lot of scopes.

  1. Sports Shopping Mall

The second new business idea is starting own sports shopping mall. It is a new concept in India and it may sound unusual at first glance. A sports shopping mall is a place where you can find items and accessories for every sport. The lifestyle of people is changed and they are ready to spend money on sports items. Thus starting a sports shopping mall could be a very good business idea. Please note that investment requirement for this business is high.

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  1. Internet of Things

The next in the list of new business ideas is Internet of Things. Today almost everyone uses multiple gadgets. Internet of Things or IoT is a business of connecting this device together with internet, collecting information and developing a fruitful solution. The solution could be for business or for personal purpose. IoT concept is just started in India. If you have skills you can establish a very good business using IoT concept.

  1. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is another area of exploration. Today almost every company opt for a social media consultant. The task for social media consultant is to grow online presence of the company and also influence customer for buying product or services. It is a new trend and likely to continue in future also.

  1. IT Security & Cyber Security

A recent ransomware attack has changed the way people look at IT security. Everyone has become cautious about cybersecurity. Organizations are ready to spend more money on purchasing hardware and software related to IT security. You can grab this opportunity and start your own IT security business. The future potential of this business is very high.

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  1. Online Dating Consultant

If you are creative and good at communication you can become online dating consultant. It is a new concept. In this business, you need to advise people on dating and love life. It is a larger responsibility as you are dealing with someone’s love life. You need to act as an account manager for dating sites. Your task would write & update profile. In addition to that, you need to extend help for matchmaking.

  1. Video Making/Editing

If you know video making or editing you can earn a lot of money. There are many people who are looking for professional video maker or editor. Alternatively, you can establish your own business of providing professional video making and editing. It is a futuristic business with a lot of potential.

  1. Food Ordering System

The count of people ordering food online has increased. Almost every restaurant and food parlor require online app or website for food ordering. So, next new business idea is starting own business of developing online food ordering system. This type of solution help customer in the searching nearest restaurant and also helps in quick table booking at the restaurant.

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  1. Team message App

In a corporate world passing on right information at right time keeping confidentiality intact is a prime requirement. You can solve this problem by establishing a business of making business specific Team message App. Your app should be capable of sharing an image, video, word and other business-specific file formats.

  1. Game World

The last new business idea on the list is starting a game world or game parlor. There are many ways to start a game world. You can either use Xbox or game station or establish a play area of soft toys for small age group children.

I have tried to list down best new small business ideas based on current completion and environment. It may be possible that above list may get changed based on trend and choice of people.

Another important point to note is you should be careful in selecting a business idea. Don’t select a business based on current demand. A success of these business ideas will depend on your skill set, management capacity, and passion. Do your own research and brainstorm well before starting any business.

Remember – “To be successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart”.


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