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Top Insurance Companies in India

Top Insurance Company

Selection of right insurance company is very important when you are purchasing life insurance policy. There are certain parameters on the basis of which you can make selection of insurance company.

These parameters are credibility, financial position, customer services, customer satisfaction and claim settlement ratio.

In order to help you we are herewith shortlisted list of Top Life Insurance Companies of India. We have considered several market facts and IRDA data in order to prepare this list.

Top Life Insurance Companies in India

1 Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)Website – www.licindia.in

As per us LIC is number one insurance company in India. It is said as synonyms of Insurance in India. LIC is leader not only in terms of selling highest policy but also in terms of claim settlement ratio. As per IRDA report claim settlement ratio of LIC is 97.42% in 2012.

2 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – Website – www.iciciprulife.com

ICICI Prudential is on second position. ICICI Prudential offers wide range of Insurance Products including health, wealth, life insurance, medical insurance and retirement solutions. Total Premium earned by ICICI Pru life in 2012 was 14021 Cr with claim settlement ratio of 96.53%.

3 SBI Life Insurance – Website – www.sbilife.co.in

SBI leader of banking sector is also performing well in Insurance sector. SBI Life earned total premium of 13133 Cr in 2012 and stood 4th in claim settlement ratio with ratio of 95.48% as per IRDA. SBI Life also got award for Under-served Market Penetration Award this year.

4 HDFC Standard Life Insurance Website –www.hdfclife.com

HDFC life is group company of giant Housing development finance corporation, it is joint venture with Standard life Insurance. HDFC life enjoys good financial position as it is backed by HDFC group. As per IRDA report claim settlement ratio of HDFC life is 96.17% in 2012.

HDFC also won award this year for product innovation called as Best Product Innovation Award 2012.

5  Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Website –www.bajajallianz.com
Bajaj Allianz is private sector insurance company they offer insurance policy including ULIP, pension plans and term Insurance. Bajaj Allianz earned premium of 7438 Cr in 2012.

Hope you enjoyed reading this stuff.  If you would like to add insurance company that you consider appropriate please write to us.

Top Life Insurance Companies in India

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