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Gold Price Today INR

The Gold Price Tracker given above is easy to use tool. It fetches Gold Ounces rate from the international market and convert in to selected currency. Enter Gold Ounces and you will get instant gold rate.

Gold price today INR

Gold price against world’s popular currencies

XAU – Ounces of Gold
United States Dollar
Pound Sterling
Australian Dollar
Indian Rupee
Canadian Dollar
South African Rand
Swiss Franc
Arab Emirates Dirham
Singapore Dollar

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Why Gold?

Gold a yellow shining metal is back in action again. Gold Price is increasing since beginning of year 2022. It is perhaps best start for the Gold in last decades. Gold has beaten almost all asset class including equity and mutual funds in past two three years. Gold has almost doubled in past two -three years.

Gold has nearly climbed 27% in the year 2021, which is biggest annual gain after year 2017. In year 2017 gold was able to give 32% return.

The rise in gold price is mainly due to increase gold ounce price in the international market. The main reason behind sudden increase in gold price is uncertainties in world economy and war condition of Russia & Ukraine.

Looking at sky rocketing price of gold you must be thinking that –

  • Gold will beat all other asset class in 2022?
  • Is it a correct time to invest in gold?

Well, it is extremely difficult to answer these question precisely. However, it seems gold will continue to rise further in the future.

XAU – Ounces of Gold

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