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Stock Guru India one more scam


Is seems it is very easy to fool people of India. Just set up a shop, get investors by promising extra ordinary returns, collect crores of rupees and disapper in the dead of night. Yes India witness one more scam “Stock Guru India scam”.

It is claimed as one of the largest organized scam. Around 2 lac Investors has lost Rs.500 crores in latest scam “Stocks Guru” scam run by two enterprising scamsters known as Ulhas Prabhakar Khaire, 33, and his wife Raksha J Urs, 30. These individuals are supposedly masters of disguise and are also know by the names of Lokeshwar Dev Jain and Priyanka Dev Jain. Both are caught by police in maharasthra.

Stock Guru India Scheme Details:-

As such there was no great scheme modus operandi was childishly simple. Lokeshwar Dev Jain and Priyanka Dev Jain set up a company by the name of “Stock Guru India” and promised to double investors’ money in six months. They launched a high-profile promotional campaign with celebrities endorsing the product.

If you have listen to the youtube videos of Lokeshwar Dev Jain and Priyanka Dev Jain, you will be surely impressed by their air of sincerity and earnestness. These people are so honest, they can do no wrong, you will feel.

If investors are so immature to trust and handover large sum of money to people who came from nowhere and promise to double money, Investors seems to be fool. Lokeshwar Dev Jain and Priyanka Dev Jain have taken advantage of these innocent & immature investors to earn money.

Although Lokeshwar Dev Jain and Priyanka Dev Jain are arrested now who knows that when investors will get their money back.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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