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Professional Degree or Skills? – What I Should Do? 

Professional Degree or Skills? Let me tell you one interesting story. 

I was in a restaurant having dinner with my team and one of the waiters, a young guy, was kind of watching what we do, and I felt that he was looking at us and he wanted to talk to us but was a little bit afraid, and after the dinner I asked for the bill after that was done he walked up to me and said, Shitanshu, I’m a big fan of you, I follow you on YouTube, can I take a selfie?

And I say, of course, sure, and we took a selfie.

And he said, can I ask you a quick question?

And I said, sure.

And he said I’m going to college right now and I just found out it’s not something I wanted to do, and my parents wanted me to, this is the path that I have to take, they are very, very conservative and they believe that you have to be successful in life, you have to have a college degree, you have to go to university.

And he was confused and he wasn’t sure what to do, and he was asking me, Shitanshu, what advice would you give me?

And I said, well, what is it you want to do?

He was actually thinking about setting up a little online shop and selling merchandise online.

An e-commerce business.

And he was asking me what to do and things like that.

So, I gave him some advice which then inspired me to make this particular article – Professional Degree or Skills? – What I Should Do? 

professional degree or skills

Professional Degree or Skills? – What I Should Do? 

A professional degree does not mean success in life. 

And I’m not saying go to college or don’t go to college, it depends on what is it you want to do.

If you wanna be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or accountant, yes, you need to go to college because you need that piece of paper even to get a job, to even enter that profession, right?

But if you wanna do other things professional degree is not important.

In 1983 there was a psychologist called Howard Gardner, and he talks about how human beings, actually have nine different types of intelligence.

Nine different types of intelligence. So basically, we have the following 9 types of intelligence. 

  • Naturalist (nature smart with living things)
  • Musical (sound and pitch smart)
  • Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart)
  • Existential (life philosophical smart)
  • Interpersonal (people smart)
  • Bodily-kinesthetic (body movement smart)
  • Linguistic (word smart)
  • Intra-personal (self-smart and aware of personal feelings)
  • Spatial (picture and building block smart)

So you have many, many different types of intelligence, so what happens is, the biggest problem in college is they only focus on one or two types of intelligence.

So maybe, you are not book-smart, quote-unquote, right?

You are not very good at memorizing things.

Because, how do you pass exams?

  • How do you get good grades in school?
  • What do you have to do?

You have to be very good at memorizing stuff.

Just a few days before the exam. 

Where you locked yourself in a room, and you try to memorize all the answers, the multiple-choice, and then you take the exam, you do okay, and then two days later, you completely forgot everything that you’ve learned.

You’re not actually learning, you’re just trying to memorize those answers that make you get good grades.

You’re not internalizing everything that you’ve learned. 

Have you done this before?

I know you have.

I know I have, right?

So, that’s one type of intelligence.

But, there are some people, who’re just not very good at that, but they’re very good at music, right?

You need to find out that – 

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you naturally good at?
  • What are your strengths?

But school doesn’t custom tailor their curriculum and teaching based on your strengths, your personality, your passion, and your interest.

That’s the biggest problem.

So, that’s why school is designed to create employees.

It is designed to be almost like an assembly line, right?

It’s not designed for you to flourish, to exercise, fully exercise your talents or your creativity.

So, what I suggest to all the young people when I told the young gentleman and it was the same advice I would give you, is this.

You can go to college, perfectly fine, if that’s what you want to do if that’s what you want to learn, but beyond that, you need to develop other skillsets and explore other skillsets.

Maybe find out what other things you may be good at.

What are the other forms of intelligence? that maybe you are not even aware you are good at and do that.

A lot of my students, come to me because they wanna learn business skills.

They wanna learn what I call high-income skills – Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Google Ads, and a lot more. 

Skills not only could build your confidence but skills also are not taught in college.

They are skills that could generate high income for you.

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