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Price of Becoming Rich

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There are two simplest ways to become rich. One way is to earn more. The other way is to desire less. The problem is that most people are not good with either way.” Most of us desire more and earn less. Most of people adopt various other ways (shortcuts) to become rich & pay heavy price for becoming rich. In this post we will discuss about price of becoming rich.

 1.      You can become rich by marrying someone for his or her money

For most of people this is simplest way to become rich, “Now a day’s both men and women marry each other for money, but can you imagine spending your life with someone you don’t love? That is a very high price.”

 2.      You can become rich by being a crook or cheater

Most of people believe that it is very difficult to become rich by adopting legal way hence people adopt illegal way to become rich, ultimately they are taking risk of going to jail, Becoming rich at cost of freedom and self respect very high price.

 Don’t adopt any illegal way to become rich, maintain your dignity and honesty.

 3.      You can become rich through heritage

For example, if you farther is rich, then he pass his properties to you. Do feels like you did not earn his keep? If you could have be­come rich on your own, you will become more mature and have a total understanding on how market yourself to the world and at the same time create your own wealth. It is important for you to feel earned it. Not everyone fortunate enough to inherit money feels that way”

 4.      You can become rich by winning the lottery

This way is ok way for becoming rich but to bet your financial life on winning the lottery is a fool’s plan on becoming rich. As many people must be trying their fortunes by purchasing tickets so probability of winning lottery like this is very low and  you may be killing your time for this which is very high price for becoming rich.

 5.      You can become rich by being a movie star or sport star

If you are smart, talented, good looking than you can become movie star or TV star and become rich but this may not be realistic and you may end up spending many years of your life. Price of becoming star

 6.      You can become rich by being hungry.

The world is filled with people like this. Hungry with their money and assets usually means they are also tight with other things. The price for being greedy is that you have to work even harder to keep what you want. Even sometimes you don’t have time for your loved once. That is the price of becoming rich by being hungry.

 7.      You can become rich by being financially smart 

Many people become rich by being very smart with knowledge. Many of these individuals operate behind the scenes and manage, control, and manipulate the world’s business and financial systems.

In order to become financially smart you have learn each and every aspect of finance which
ask time and money price of becoming rich.

 8.      You can become rich by being cheap

I hear money gurus saying, “Cut up your credit cards expense, buy a used car, live below your means,” I also believe that their advice is good advice. But “Everything has a price.” And the price for becoming rich by being cheap is that you still wind up being cheap. And living life as a rich but cheap person is, in my opinion, a very expensive price to pay.

It is like to live poor and die poor is a tragedy. But to live poor and die rich is madness.

 9.      You can become rich by being kind

 The more people you serve, the richer you become. If you are employee or self employee you can serve only some people but if you are businessman you can serve large number of  people (customers) and believe me if you do that, you will become richer beyond your dreams. But in order to become rich like this you have to leave your existing employment and start business. Price of becoming rich!

Ultimate essence is if you want to be rich, be prepared to pay price of becoming rich.

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