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One Idiot nice movie by IDFC on financial management

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Small  30-minute film titled ’one Idiot’ on the theme of financial management is released by IDFC recently. The movie is directed by Amol Gupte, who had also directed the movie “Taare Zameen Par” & “Stanley ka Dabba”. One Idiot is an initiative by the IDFC Foundation to educate the youth of India to be financially independent.

When we are young we know nothing about how to manage our money, and when we see people who are careful with their money we laugh at them. The movie ‘One Idiot’, shows exactly same. Bunch of students who are in their early age make fun of a guy who looks dumb and does not believe in showing off, only to find out later one day that he is actually a millionaire, living and enjoying his life.

The movie gives the right basic financial messages: start saving early, do systematic investing in mutual funds, buy insurance only when you need it and don’t bundle it with investment, have an asset allocation between equity and debt and so on. Apart from this it also says that one has to be sensible when it comes to management of money. Start your investment early and over a long term you can achieve financial freedom.

The movie was launched on 23 November in Mithibai College, Mumbai. By next week, the movie will also be shown in JJ College of Arts, Mumbai. Eventually, the foundation aims to cover 25-30 colleges across the country.

I think one must see this movie and also share it with your children who are in school or college. This will help to understand importance of money.

Watch the movie on YouTube and do share what you liked about the movie?

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