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Marketing Strategy – Money Flows Where Attention Goes

Marketing Strategy – Do this in your marketing – gets attention & make money. Attention is the new currency of today’s world. The attention plan of human beings has become very limited. 

This is mainly due to screen time.  

Today I’m going to talk to you about getting attention. I believe that money flows where attention goes.  

Marketing Strategy - Money Flows Where Attention Goes

Marketing Strategy – Money Flows Where Attention Goes

Because if you don’t grab attention… 

It doesn’t matter how great your products are. Customers will not buy from you. 

How can they, if they don’t know who you are?  

But how do you get attention? 

It comes down to “Altitude.” Before I tell you what I mean by “Altitude,” here’s a quick story. 

A few days back, I got an invitation to attend one investment summit. This was purely due to my dedication and work towards helping people via my blog. 

At this investment summit, I introduced myself as a finance consultant and Investment advisor. That was my biggest mistake when trying to get attention. 

Can you see the problem?  

See everyone in the investment summit is from the investment field and most of them are investment advisors.   

As everyone in the investment summit was from investment and I introduced myself as an investment advisor I also become the same. 

And let’s face it, nobody wants to talk to another investment guy when they’ve just met 300 others.    

But if you’re a 10x Multi Income Coach, Digital Marketer, or Blogger and making money from your passion. 

You’re the fascinating person in the room. 

The Multi Income Coach brings intrigue. 

Blogger & Digital Marketer magnetizes people. 

The person living a life of passion and making money online controls the conversation.  

This is what I mean when I talk about “Altitude.” 

To have Altitude means sharing knowledge, stories, and experiences that are unique to YOU.  

Like being the 10x Multi Income Coach and Blogger in a room full of Investment guys. 

Or being the only former IT job person now has a lot of fan following on the internet. 

When you have altitude, you stand out, you get known, and you dominate the competition.  

When I talk about competition… 

I’m not just talking about other businesses in your market.   

I’m talking about cat videos, baby photos, Bollywood actors, News channels, Netflix, and anything else that has your customers’ attention.  

Like I said earlier… money flows where attention goes. And these days, it’s harder than ever to get that attention this is mainly due to a shorter attention span. 

Today is the era of Reels and Shorts…People don’t like to see lengthy advertisements.  

They want crisp information and very fast. 

It is like you swipe if you don’t like shorts and reels. 

This is why you need to get some serious altitude if you want to grow your business and make more money. 

Right now, I could try to teach you how to get altitude.   

But I think it’s better for you to see the altitude in action. 

That way, you can witness how altitude looks in the real world – and replicate what works and what doesn’t work.        

If you want to learn more about marketing strategy and growing your business you can get in touch with me at I am your 10x Multi Income coach, Infopreneur mentor, and 10x Business Growth Consultant. 

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
Hi, I am Shitanshu founder of I am engaged in blogging & Digital Marketing for 10 years. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience, knowledge and help people in managing money. Please note that the views expressed on this Blog are clarifications meant for reference and guidance of the readers to explore further on the topics. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion. We do not offer any stock tips, investment, insurance or finance product related advice. Please consult a qualified financial planner and do your own due diligence before making any investment decision.
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