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Latest Gold Price Predictions By Analysts

Gold Price Prediction

We keep on receiving email asking about forecast of gold price, so we thought to write article on latest gold forecasts by analysts. We will regularly extend this forecast list with new predictions for the price of gold. Please send us a short email, if we miss a gold price forecast by a renowned institution or analyst and we will surely include it.

Goldman Sachs predicts turn in gold bull cycle in 2013
Dec 6, 2012 – Goldman Sachs

Goldman cut its three, six and 12-month forecasts for gold prices – currently near $1,700 an ounce – to $1,825 an ounce, $1,805 an ounce and $1,800 an ounce respectively.

It also introduced a 2014 forecast of $1,750 an ounce, suggesting price growth could tail off. In a 12-month forecast released in May, it predicted a gold price of $1,940 an ounce.

“Medium term… the gold outlook is caught between the opposing forces of more Fed easing and a gradual increase in real rates on better US economic growth,” Goldman Sachs said in a report.

“Our expanded modelling suggests that the improving US growth outlook will outweigh further Fed balance sheet expansion and that the cycle in gold prices will likely turn in 2013.”

The bank added however, that with risks to its growth outlook still elevated, especially given the uncertainty around the fiscal cliff, calling a price peak was “a difficult exercise.”

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Trend


US$ 1,800


US$ 1,750

BNP Paribas cuts 2013 gold price forecast, but still expects gold price to rise
November 16, 2012 – BNP Paribas / Anne-Laure Tremblay

The global bank lowered its gold price forecast for 2012 by US$10 to $1,675 and its 2013 outlook by US$35 to US$1,865 per ounce, saying the impact of the latest round of quantitative easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve has not been felt so far.

“In 2013, gold could break its previous record high, but the potential for further upside may be limited thereafter,” analyst Anne-Laure Tremblay said in a note. According to the analyst, the timing of the gold price peak will be closely linked to the rate of improvement in the G3 economies.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   /10 gm Trend


US$ 1,675

30,720 Rs


US$ 1,865

34,200 Rs

Gold price to rise to US$ 2,000 according to Deutsche Bank

November 14, 2012 – Deutsche Bank/ Raymond Key

Raymond Key, global head of metals trading at Deutsche Bank In London, expects a gold price rally to a record level above US$ 2,000 per ounce by next year. This prediction is based on the assumption that more money will be printed in order to sustain the economic recovery with stimulus.
According to Mr. Key, the rally is becoming more mature and the outlook for gold is pretty positive but people shouldn’t expect too much.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend


Above US$ 2,000

Above 36,680 Rs

Source: Bloomberg

London Bullion Market Association predicts gold price of US$ 1,843 by September 2013

November 13, 2012 – LBMA

At the annual conference of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) participants estimated the gold price to reach US$ 1,843 by September 2013. This price would equal a rise of about 6.7% from current levels. As drivers for this rise of the gold price increased demand from Asia and especially China as well as further monetary easing in the United States were cited.

More than half of the conference participants expect another round of quantitative easing in the U.S. and 56% forecast China’s economy will grow by 7-8% next year.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend

Sept 2013

 US$ 1,843

33,804 Rs

Gold price rally to continue in 2013 according to HSBC

October 22, 2012 – HSBC/ James Steel and Howard Wen

HSBC analysts James Steel and Howard Wen lowered their 2012 forecasts for the average gold price to US$ 1,700 but increased their average price forecast for 2013 to US$ 1,850/oz. They also raised their average gold price forecast for 2014 to US$ 1,775/oz.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend


 US$ 1,850

33,932 Rs


US$ 1,775

32,557 Rs

Credit Suisse predicts gold price of US$ 1,840 in 2013

October 12, 2012 – Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse, the global investment bank, has raised its gold price forecast for 2013 to US$ 1,840 per ounce. CS also raised its forecasted gold price for the year 2014 to US$ 1,750. According to Credit Suisse, more quantitative easing in the U.S., a risk of a rating cut of the U.S. credit rating and higher demand from China and India are the key drivers for the change in the forecasted price of gold.

Credit Suisse leaves its gold price forecast for 2012 at US$ 1,680 per ounce.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend


 US$ 1,840

33,749 Rs


US$ 1,750

32,098 Rs

UBS sees average gold price of US$ 1,700 for 2012 and rise to US$ 1,900 in 2013

October 11, 2012 – UBS

The Swiss based investment bank UBS has raised its 2012 average forecasted gold price to US$ 1,700. For 2013 UBS predicts a gold price of US$ 1,900 per ounce.

UBS cites a U.S. recovery, inefficient mine production in South Africa and the open-ended nature of quantitative easing as drivers for a rise of the gold price.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend


 US$ 1,700

31,181 Rs


US$ 1,900

34,850 Rs

Coutts analyst expects gold price to rise to US$ 2,000 in coming months

October 10, 2012 – Coutts/ Gary Dougan

A senior executive of Coutts – the private banking arm of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) – expects the gold price to increase towards US$ 2,000 per ounce in the next months. According to Gary Dougan, who is Coutts’ chief investment officer for Asia and the Middle East, medium-term drivers such as net purchases by central banks of emerging market countries would be drivers for an increase of the gold price.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend

Next Few months

 US$ 2,000

36,680 Rs

Source: Reuters

Deutsche Bank raised its gold-price outlook for 2013 and 2014

October 2, 2012 – Deutsche Bank/ Michael Lewis

Deutsche Bank expects that the balance sheet expansions by central banks and the resulting higher demand for gold from investors will result in a rising gold price. Deutsche Bank raised its gold price forecast to US$ 2,113/oz in 2013 and US$ 2,000/oz by 2014.

According to Deutsche Bank, due to the announcement of an open-ended quantitative easing program by the Federal Reserve, a surge of the gold price is only a matter of time.

Time Frame Gold price Forecast US$   /oz Gold price Forecast Rupee   / 10 gm Trend


 US$ 2,113

38,756 Rs


US$ 2,000

36,680 Rs

 So on and average most of analyst believes that gold price will remain bullish in next 2-3

Note:- Rupee value of gold in above article is calculated with taking dollar value -52 Rs/- . This cost will vary based on fluctuation of dollar rupee value.

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