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Last decade Vegetable price gone up by 350% in India


Inflation is biggest problem of India. Today every middle class people face problem in running household expense due to inflation. Government has many times given commitment to reduce price or to control inflation but ultimately failed to reduce price.

With increase in dollar price now petrol price has went up to 80 Rs/- liter, this has caused increased in transportation cost & inflation. Poor people today have no choice but to eat same type of food.

In between 2004 to 2013 price of food items in India has went up to 157%. Although India is second largest country in terms of producing vegetable many times we face scarcity of vegetable and foods.

Price has to go up due to scarcity of vegetables. Do you believe from year 2004 to 2013 price of onion has increased by 521% and price is expected to rise further, This time price of onion has reached 80 Rs/ kilio. This price rise is not limited to onion it is affecting other vegetables also.

Do you know that in year 2009 price of potato has rise by 100%. In year 2004 price of brinjal has raised by 311% at same time price of cauliflower was raised by 714%.

Upper middle class and rich people are not affected by this price rise but ever increasing price like this is killing poor and middle class people. Many middle class people have no choice but to make compromise on certain vegetable they eat.

Large population of India is vegetarian, Increase in vegetable price like this badly affecting budget of poor and middle class. This price rise is continue from year 2005 and up to 2010 price of very food and vegetable item has reached to double.

Government has come up with food security bill, but this food security bill will really provide security to food that is to be seen in future!

Lastly I would say everything is in hand of GOD today in 2013.

G- Gold Price

O- Onion Price

D- Dollar Price

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