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Interview Question – What Type of Work Environment do You Like?

So what kind of work environment do you like best? Now in your next interview, this question might come up. It’s a very, very common question to be asked. What kind of work environment do you like best?

So you want to be well prepared for it. So, in this post, I’m gonna teach you the three best answers that you could give during the interview if this question ever comes up. I’m also gonna share with you one fatal mistake, one common mistake that a lot of interviewee makes when they hear this question.

Now first, when you get this question, what kind of work environment do you like best, understand this, understand the why? Why are they asking this question?

No, they are not actually interested in what kind of work environment you like best.

They have zero interest in that. What the HR person, the manager, the supervisor, what they are asking is, what they really want to know is are you going to fit in our environment?

That’s what they want to know. They want to know have you done your homework? Have you done your research? How much do you know about our company?

That’s what they want to know. So don’t fall into a trap and don’t go off a tangent telling them, “Oh, I like this. And I like this. Kind of like the canteen. I like the light. I like to have a private office.”

No, no one cares. Here’s what they want to know. Does your work style and preference fit with their company environment?

Are you able to perform, have you done your research? Have you done your homework before the interview? Are you investing time and effort getting to know what kind of work environment they have?

And are you self-aware of what you need and will you be an asset to the company?

That’s what they want to know. Always remember, when a company hires the wrong person, is costly to the company. They are very, very careful.

So by answering this question wrongly, they will disqualify you very quickly, even though maybe on their resume, you look fine. Maybe you have all the credentials, but in their minds, “Well, maybe this person is not a good fit for our company. I don’t know that he or she will be the right fit for our environment.”

They will disqualify you. However, by answering this question properly, and professionally, the chances of you getting that job is so, so much higher.

So here are the three best answers to this particular job interview question. I’m gonna give you the answer. I’m gonna give you the script, and I’m gonna break it down for you.

The interviewer asks you this question, “What kind of work environment do you like best?” 

job interview work enviornment

Interview Question – What Type of Work Environment do You Like?

#Answer 1 

“I’m not just looking to fill a position. I am looking for a career.”

Now why this line is so powerful because immediately, you are telling the interviewer I’m not just looking for a job or part-time thing, I am looking for a long-term opportunity in that I could excel. 

So the minute when you say, “I’m not just looking to fill the position, I’m looking for a career.”

Hmm, the interviewer is thinking, “Wow, this person is looking for a long-term career. This person is looking to excel, great.” See right there, that simple line, you’re making a good first impression.

And then, then you say, “I applied to this position because I believe I would excel in this work environment.” Now you say, I am confident in my ability to work within a team or on my own.

Now that is very powerful. You are trying to cover both bases. You’re comfortable working within a team or working on your own.

To the interviewer, okay, that sounds good. Then you say, “As your company encourages both solo and group efforts, I believe this is the perfect environment for me.” Now, there are a lot of things happening within that one, simple answer.

Just because it’s simple, don’t underestimate the power of what I’ve just taught you.

There are a lot of powerful words within that simple reply. So pay attention to what we have just done here.  In a matter of seconds, we’ve utilized several powerful emotional words.

I call them power words, career, excel, confident, teamwork, and perfect, within just one, simple reply.

So practice that. That’s just one reply that you could use. Let me teach you the second one.

#Answer 2 

Let’s say you are applying for more of a leadership or management position and they asked what kind of work environment you like best.

Here’s a script that you could use. “I have always been leading people and I believe this work environment would allow me to thrive.

I’m calm under pressure and interact well with others. Not only could I lead a team of employees, but I’m very comfortable dealing with clients as well.”

You see how a simple answer positions you properly? That’s the power of words.

# Answer 3

“From your website, it looks like the environment is fast-paced and structured to expand. And I enjoy working in an environment experiencing rapid growth. And I believe this is the ideal work environment for my working style.”

See what you’ve done there? You’ve done a number of things. Number one, you have demonstrated you have done your homework. Number two, you are not afraid to tell them what you want. And number three, you are saying and you’re communicating, “Hey I’m very comfortable in this kind of environment. I believe this is the ideal environment for me.” 

Now, when you finish replying when you finish answering those questions, you don’t want to have dead air. You don’t just want to wait. What you want to do is you want to continue the conversation.

You want to continue the dialog because that shows that you are interested and you are serious about this position. So I call those redirection questions. So you have picked one of those three answers and you have practiced so it comes across naturally.

Then you will ask one of these questions to keep the conversation going.

  • What does a typical workday look like?
  • Are there meetings during the day?
  • Are there many group projects that we work as a team?

Now, that’s very powerful because you’re already talking about as if you’re already in the company, we as a team.

I hope the above post will help you in answering or clearing your job interview.

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Shitanshu Kapadia
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