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How to Take Business Decisions? – Step by Step

Business Decisions are important for every business. In business every single day a business owner has to make multiple decisions. Whether it is the decision of hiring or firing, whether it is the decision to close the deal with the customer at a lower price or negotiate further. Whether to hire someone for work or outsource the work. In business, the entrepreneur needs to make multiple business decisions. The decision taken by the business owner decides the future of the business. As business decisions are extremely important in this post, I am going to answer the question that is bugging the entrepreneur’s mind – How to Take Business Decisions?

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How to Take Business Decisions? – Step by Step

#1 Define the Problem 

The first step before taking any decision is to define the problem. For example, consider you are facing a business challenge. You are not able to achieve sales consistently because you are doing too many things in the business and when you are free or when you are in crisis you take action to see who can help you to sell your product or services. So, here problem statement definition would be a lake of consistent sales activity. 

#2 Establish the End Goal  

Once you define the problem statement, the next step would be to establish the goal. In the situation given above the end goal of the problem statement, the lack of consistent sales activity would be to establish a process of consistent sales activity and closing of deals. This would lead to consistency of income and revenue for the business. 

#3 Evaluate All Possible Options 

The third step in the decision-making process is to evaluate all possible options. You need to evaluate all possible options and make sure sales happen consistently. Your option could be –

  • Hire a Dedicated Sales Team 
  • Opt for Digital Marketing for Lead Generation
  • Create an e-commerce Platform to generate sales
  • Arrange an Affiliate Marketer or Distributor for your products 

Once you explore all possible options you need to move to the next step. 

#4 Find out the Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Possible Option 

The fourth step in decision-making is crucial. In this step, you need to write down all possible benefits and drawbacks of each possible option on paper. Here you need to think broadly and ask questions like –

  • Do you have the skills and knowledge?
  • Do you think it is doable and achievable? 
  • Do you think the option is relevant to your product or services? 
  • What would be the cost of each option? 

You need to list the benefits and drawbacks of each option. What would be the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a sales team or hiring digital marketing experts or establishing an e-commerce store or establishing a distributor or marketer?

#5 Take Action to Move You Towards Your Goals 

The next step would be to do things that would move you toward your goals. Now you have listed the benefits and drawbacks you need to take an informed decision that takes you toward your goals. One option is to select the option with the maximum benefits. It seems to be safe and within your comfort zone also but in the long run, it may not give you desired business growth. So make sure to take a decision that moves you toward your goals but for that, you may need to go outside your comfort zone. Once you have taken the business decision and implemented the required thing you need to move to the next step.

#6 Evaluate and Monitor the Impact of the Decision  

The last step would be to evaluate and monitor the impact of the decision and make changes on the go. Look business decisions are important and monitoring the progress of that decisions is also important. Monitor the progress and make changes on the go. Remember there is no recipe for building a successful business at the end of the day it’s about making 

decisions that will give you maximum growth, and maximum gain, and then through the process as you execute those decisions make Corrections make improvements and create progress in your efficiency in your Effectiveness in your productivity, and in the results of that decision.

So, make sure to create a monitoring system that gives you feedback that what is working and what is not. 

Final Words

I make use of the above step-by-step method to take important business decisions. It works for me. I hope the step-by-step method given above shall help you in making the right business decisions. If you have any business queries or if you are looking for any help you can get in touch with me at

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