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How to Sell? – Do you know the Power of COI and ROI in Sell?

How to sell? How do get the higher conversion? These are the most common questions that come into the mind of a salesperson or any business person.

how to sell ROI and COI

How to Sell? – Do you know the Power of COI and ROI in Sell? 

I have seen that most people when they’re selling they do a very good sales pitch. The prime focus of a sales pitch is ROI. ROI stands for return on investment. 

ROI is simple. You need to ask a simple question to get ROI. I spend this much money what am I going to get?

  • I spend this much money what stuff am I going to get? 
  • I will get a return in how much time?
  • I am gonna get what kind of features?
  • I am going to get what kind of services?

This is the way everybody sells products or services. However, the system that I use is somewhat different. 

The system says that you don’t need to sell ROI you need to sell COI. 

COI works. COI helps to increase sales. COI is proven. 

You need to write this down when it comes to selling big items you need to learn how to sell COI and what COI stands for.

CIO stands for “Cost of Inaction” 

Cost of inaction means what would it cost your prospects not to buy from you what would it cost your prospects not to engage with you right what would it cost them? 

Forget we are gonna go look at your the problem right now is how much is going to cost you if you’re selling Fitness how much it’s going to cost you to stay this in this condition this health condition?

If you help people with the business well how much it’s going to cost you if you don’t fix your business problems? They are going to go bankrupt maybe they lose everything. That affects the family also. It may be the case that you end up in debt and would cost them so it’s not just

a return on investment it’s a cause of inaction. The price is only an issue in the absence of value and the best way to demonstrate value is – 

Talk about all the future stuff they’re going to get or the return on investment is this how much would it cost them if they stay where they are.  

You see ROI is probable whereas COI is undeniable write this down

ROI is probability 

ROI is hey buy from Me Maybe you get these benefits maybe that would happen maybe it’s probable

COI is undeniable

COI is what you’re experiencing right now. The Pain. The problem. This means ROI is focused on the future COI focus on what is present right now and what you are experiencing right now. It’s different. It’s valuable.

COI is not only that how I focus on the future COI focuses on the present.

ROI is the destination where are we going to go where are we going to be when this problem is gone that’s nice right CLI is about your current location where you are now how much would it cost you to stay where you are so the way that I sell and the way that you should sell.

You have to lead your sale with COI and back it up with ROI. 

COI because this is something they cannot deny. The main reason is COI shows insight it shows what people are experiencing right now. COI is related to emotion. Remember I told you earlier also in 3 Powerful Sales Secretes that “People buy with emotion and they justify it with logic”. 

COI is somewhat emotional. People connect more if you show some emotion. I experienced that many times in blogging also. In my post, If I involve pain, emotions, or a present situation and solution people love it.

If you talk about people’s problems and connect with them with emotion. Talk about improving their present situation sales would be more.

Now you lead with the problem first then you say hey if I fix this all these good things will come. 

But let’s leave with this pain first don’t talk about this. I don’t talk about hey you know what maybe you implement these strategies you come to my training you’re going to make all this money.

I help people in solving their current problems. I have already helped many people in coming out of their poor situations by explaining to them COI – Cost of Inaction.

I am practicing this every day. I know the cost of inaction or cause of inaction. 

I know inaction will lead me nowhere. Action will lead me everywhere or somewhere. That’s what I do practice massive action. 

I believe in the 10x rule. To me 10x Rule means.

  • 10x Actions
  • 10x Thoughts
  • 10x Results
  • 10x Success

This is the shitanshu10x formula for success. 

So, remember COI and ROI when you sell any product or service and get maximum benefit and maximum sales.

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