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How to Grow Sales? – Power Of Packaging

The power of Packaging is extremely important for sales (when it comes to selling any products or services). You can sell more products or services if your packaging is very good. In this post, I will share insights about the power of packaging and how it helps you in selling more.

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It is seen that business owners undervalue themselves. They gpackage their services and product poorly and they underestimate what their clients will pay. 

How to Grow Sales? – Power Of Packaging 

Let’s say you go to some luxury store like Gucci, Versace, or Swarovski you will notice that when you buy something their packaging is amazing. The product and even the packaging box look attractive or luxurious. Additionally, the carry bag they provide is also unique. You know this is a part of the experience.

This experience leads to more sales. 

Let me further try to elaborate. You must have purchased or seen Apple products. Apple Laptop, iPhone 13, iPad, or iPod. 

The entire product portfolio of Apple Looks stunning. Not only look-wise but packaging-wise as well as features-wise also it’s different.  

You would be tempted to pay extra money to have Apple Products. Not only do you love the product but you also end up loving the box and package in which iPhone or iPad are sold. Right? On the other hand, you will not save the box of Mi or Samsung why are you not saving your boxes from other brands?

Why do you keep your apple boxes? You know, as discussed in my last post, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius he understands High tickets. He is a master of sales

He knew how to sell products created by him. Apple is not just a product it’s the whole packaging from the look and feel of the box to the texture from the like we want it to be different. 

We wanted to be an experience when people open up the box we want it to be white now couldn’t they just use some copper blocks, of course, they could but they know the power of packaging and branding. 

They know that a nicely packed box along with Apple products is liked by most people. 

How about you can do that for your product or services? Do you package the product in a way that people get tempted they feel like buying it? 

People should feel good while buying your product and services because you are not selling products or services. You are selling a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Once you do that half of the work is done. People are definitely going to buy and they will also come again and you can increase your sale. 

Well, many people say it is all a marketing gimmick. 

Yes! it is But you know – 

  • What is the problem if you can make an extra sale?
  • What is the problem if you are getting extra commission income?
  • What is the problem if you are getting extra revenue?

The only change you need to do is product packaging which is one of the proven ways to increase sales and get more customers.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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