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How to Become a Great salesman?- Excellence in Sales

How do you sell? How do you become a great salesperson?

Before I tell you anything. Please understand this –

  • Business means sales. 
  • No sales mean no business. 
  • No Business means no income.
  • No income means no cash flow.

So, what does it take to be a great salesperson?

You see, most salespeople, always believe in conventional wisdom.

Most of them believe that in order to become great salesman – 

  • You have to have enthusiasm!
  • You gotta be excited about your product.

Hey, man, listen!

  • This is my product, it’s so good!
  • Don’t you know we are the best in the world?
  • This would help you!
  • This will help your company!
  • You should buy it from me!

Enthusiasm, because they are taught if you’re not enthusiastic about your product or service, then the prospect won’t be enthusiastic either.

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Or what I call pretentious bonding.

  • Hey, how are your kids?
  • Yeah, how’s the weather?
  • How’s work?

It’s pretentious bonding. Or oh, you gotta follow up, man!

Either they buy or they die, right?

You follow up five, ten, twenty times.

You gotta be persistent!

You gotta keep calling, keep calling, keep chasing them.

Or you gotta ask for the sale three times.

For every sale prospect, you gotta ask them seven times before they buy.

I don’t like to ask for a sale.

I want the prospect to give me the sale.

It is better to receive than to beg.

Or you gotta chase the prospect.

You gotta keep pleasing them, chase them.

  • I don’t like to chase.
  • I like to be the chase.

So how do you become a great salesperson?

So, you should avoid this. Now, when it comes to sales what to do?

sales expert - salesman

How to become a Great Salesman? – Sales Excellence

Today, I’m gonna give you one of the most important lessons that I have learned in order to be a great salesperson, and that is, now this might sound counter-intuitive, that in order to be a great salesperson, you cannot be a salesperson.

Why? What are you talking about?

I want you to think about a society

when I say the word…

Sales, what comes to mind?

When I say the word salesperson what comes to mind?

Sales or salesperson, what comes to mind?

Snake oil, pushy, aggressive…

Used car salesman, manipulation, right?

Just do it for the money, wants your commission, all that stuff, right?

Imagine if you have kids.

Imagine if you are a parent.

Mom and dad, your kid goes home and walks up to you and say, “Hey, Daddy, Mommy, “when I grow up, I want to be a doctor.”

And you’re like, “Oh my God, son, I’m so proud of you.

“I raised you well! 

“It’s good you’ll be a doctor!”


Imagine a different scenario.

Your kid comes home and says to you, “Mommy and Daddy, when I grow up, “I want to be a salesman.”

And you’re like, “Oh my God, what did I do?

“This is how I raised you? 

“I fail, I fail as a parent!

“What did I do?”


Just think about that.

So, it’s perfectly okay to get into a student loan, to spend six, eight years in medical school, right?

To pick a highly stressful profession. Don’t get me wrong.

I have a lot of respect for doctors, but somehow, when your kid comes home and say, “I wanna be a salesperson.” It’s oh!

It’s such a profession they’re being looked down upon.

That is a profession that is like, “No, that is not a real job. “And it’s not a real career.”

When in fact, some of the highest-paid people in our society, guess what?

They’re salespeople.

  • Warren Buffett is a salesperson.
  • Elon Musk is a salesperson.

When Elon Musk is announcing the new Tesla, guess what?

He is closing.

He’s a closer.

He’s selling, right?

When Warren Buffett at the shareholder meeting talks about the vision, talk about what they’re gonna do, talk about the report, talk about the earnings, guess what?

He is selling so you invest in the stock.

Remember Steve Jobs?

When he was announcing the new iPhone, the new iPod, in front of thousands and thousands of people live in worldwide, the whole world was watching.

Guess what?

He is closing.

That is a sales presentation.

There’s no product announcement.

It’s a sales presentation.

They’re all closers.

They’re all salespeople.

So how do you become a great salesperson?

Don’t sound and act and talk like a typical salesperson.

If a typical salesperson is like, “Hey!

“How are you, sir?”

Don’t do that.

Be calm.

Be neutral.

Sound like a doctor.

Imagine that you are a doctor.

Do you imagine going to a doctor, and the doctor says to you, “How are you?

“So glad you could come in!

“How do you feel?

“Do you have a fever?

“Hey, no worry, man. You know what?

“I can do a prescription. This prescription you buy one and get one free, man, it’s so good!”

“You want me to follow up with you?”

If you see a doctor and the doctor sounds like that, what do you do?

You run. Right.

There is something wrong with this doctor, right?

Be the natural doctor in sales…

  • Calm, neutral.
  • Don’t chase.
  • Be the chase.
  • Be a problem-solver.
  • Ask questions.
  • Discover their needs.
  • Be a professional.

Hmm, tell me a little bit about your situation. Tell me about your business. Let’s bottom-line this.

Tell me how you and I can do business today. What were you hoping to get from me today?

See, that’s a professional. 

That’s how you should behave and talk.

Your tonality…

You speak with conviction and authority, yet you’re not attached to the sale.

It’s okay if you don’t get the sale. 

See, when you’re not desperate, now the prospects they open up to you.

Now, they want to hear, “Okay, this person wants to help me, not just going after the money, or the commission check, or the quick buck.”

That this person is a professional.

That you are a professional.

That’s how you sell your way through life.

That’s how you get what you want in life by first helping others to get what they want.

Then you get everything that you want.

It is that simple.

So, in order to be a great salesperson, don’t act.

Don’t even represent.

You don’t talk.

You don’t act.

You don’t walk like a typical salesperson.

You don’t dress like a typical salesperson.

And then you’ll see how the market plays, how your prospects will respond differently to you.

This is the secret to becoming a Great salesman? To achieve excellence in sales.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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