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Happy Republic Day – India vs. Bharat Food for Thought

Happy Republic day, today is the 64th Republic Day of our beloved motherland, India. No doubt it is a very special day for all of us. Question arise to my mind on this day is Does India and Bharat redirect to same country? And, is today really the Republic Day of socialist India?

First look at the picture:

India vs Bharat

After looking at above picture you can understand I want to point out on subject of Income Inequality.Our motherland is clearly divided in to two parts – The Shining part India and The Suffering part Bharat.

Shining part of India is so bright and suffering part of India is too dull. According to article published in Times of India of December 7, 2011, India’s income Inequality has doubled in past 20 years.

So ultimate reality today is Rich get richer and poor get poorer & middle class is nowhere.

India vs Bharat the two-nation thesis is an old one. It goes back to before India’s In­dependence, when Ma­hatma Gandhi and Pan­dit Nehru argued about the direction the country should take once the British had left.  It’s around 64 year britishers has left but still India vs. Bharat story continue.

Check out following pointers about India vs. Bharat:-

  • Inequality in earning has doubled in India over the last two decades, making it the worst performer on this count of all emerging economies.
  • Inflation major contributor in India vs. Bharat story which government has somehow failed in handling.
  • Government talks about Tax rise and super rich concept but cannot see that almost 40% of area in city like Mumbai is still slum area.
  • Lot of scam is going on inside country contributed by leading minister of country but India or Bharat is helpless about that.
  • Work is not getting done without paying bribe. Corruption is another major contributor for India vs Bharat story why government or common man cannot fix it?
  • Large scale exploitation of the poor is still done in India by the powerful people.

We can fantasies about Golden Bharatvarsh, but we know that it is never going to come back,that is if it ever existed. Is this India we want?

I am not socialist or something likes that. But such an inequality and indifferent attitude of Govt, probably more than sufficient give jerk to any sensitive mind.

I shall be more than happy if one day comes, when the line of demarcation between Bharat and India abolishes completely. And, none can get scope of writing articles like this one.  Surely, I am not eligible to do something on this issue. But there is a group of people who can effectively change the situation by taking and executing proper policy. It’s time to break their sleep. Please open your eyes, Sir.

Happy Republic Day,friends.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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