Srividhya hari asked 2 years ago

Dear sir, 
Happy and wealthy new year wishes. 
Already reliance eq opp fund running SIP. From 2016 Jan i want to add another SIP investment. Pls guide me one more fund for this year SIP investment.
Thank u.

1 Answers
sgrowthfp Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Hari,
Thanks for your wish. Wishing you happy new year too.
Reliance Equity Opportunity is diversified equity fund.
You can plan to invest in Mutual Funds Specified below for 2016.
Large & Mid Cap – ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund
Large Cap – UTI Top 100 Fund
Balance Fund – HDFC Balance Fund
ELSS Fund – Axis Long term Equity Fund
It is better to assign goal for the Investment. Keep on tracking your Investment and make changes as and when required.