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How to file a complaint under RERA Online?

After the launch of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act), home buyers are hopeful that the new law will protect them against the bullying of the builder. However, a dollar question is how to file a complaint under RERA. What information is required? What action can one expect? In this post, we will take a look at the detailed process of logging compliance under RERA. If you are not aware of RERA you can go through a detailed explanation of RERA from here.

RERA complaints should be in the prescribed format. As RERA authority is different in every state a procedure and portal for filing complaints are different for every state. The RERA Complaint can be filed only under the violation of rules and regulations established under RERA Act. You need the following information in order to file a complaint under RERA.

  • The registration number and address of the project
  • Complaint statement
  • Expected Relief

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How to file a complaint under RERA Online?

RERA is central law. However, the method of implementation and versions are different in every state. After notification of RERA, some states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka have launched an online portal to help Real estate builders, property buyers, and agents.

The method for filing a complaint against a builder or promoter under the RERA act online is given below. I have covered a method for Gujarat and Maharashtra state. In most states method of filing, a complaint is the same.

RERA Complaint – Gujarat State Portal

# Step 1 – To register an RERA complaint in the Gujarat State, you need to go to the Gujarat RERA portal. On the home page, you will find a link for Complaint Registration.

# Step 2 – Once you click on the Complaint Registration link, you will be redirected to the page where you need to provide details of the complaint.

RERA Complaint

# Step 3 – You need to input your name, address, contact details, and details of the complaint. You have the option to attach supporting documents.

# Step 4 – You need to pay Rs.1000 for the registration of the complaint. You can use a net banking facility for the payment.

# Step 5 – Provide acceptance on the declaration and submit the complaint by pressing the submit button.

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The time taken to act on a complaint varies based on the nature of the complaint.

RERA Complaint – Maharashtra State Portal

 # Step 1 –  In order to register an RERA complaint in the Maharashtra State, you need to go to the Maharashtra RERA Portal. Click on the Online Application Menu.

# Step 2 – You will be prompted with Login and Password. Click on New Registration. Select the user type as Complainant as shown in the image below. Select Appropriate User Name and Password. Once you are done click on Create User.

RERA Complaint

# Step 3 – Once your ID is created you can log in with the provided credentials to the RERA portal. Upon registration, you need to provide personal information including your residence details.

# Step 4 – On the left side navigation pane, you will find an option to Add New Complaints as shown in the image below.


# Step 5 – After registration, you need to make a payment of Rs.5000 by going to the payment link.

Once the complaint is registered both parties builder and the home buyer will be called to express facts and figures. After listening to both parties RERA will give a verdict. If you are not satisfied with the RERA verdict you can file a case in the high court.

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Websites for filing RERA complaints are different for every state. The applicable fees for RERA complaints is also different. Information about state state-wide RERA website is given below.

I hope the method given here for raising online complaints under RERA will help home buyers and builders both.

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