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Do you have to start a business to be successful?

I got a recent question from one of my fans Hey Shitanshu sir, do you think that one has to start a business to be successful? One can get success only by doing a business. Let’s try to answer this.

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Do you have to start a business to be successful?

First, let’s define what success means.

What is the definition of success?

Earl Nightingale (American Author) said it best, “that success is nothing more “than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Think about it. That means anyone is successful as long as they know what they want and they’re working towards their goals.

Success doesn’t always mean financial success.

Take, for example, a mom.

A mom raising a child, nurturing a child and giving her love to a child, giving everything that she’s got to me that is successful.

I think Mom is successful. Although your mom doesn’t run a business.

She is happy serving the child. I think she’s very, very successful.

A scientist working on a project, working on an invention I think to me, is a very successful person.

Again, success doesn’t mean financial success.

Anyone that has a great quality of life in my book is a successful person.

Because what I know there’s a lot of people, a lot of young people on social media, you’d look at someone on YouTube,

you’d look at someone on Instagram, just anywhere that you notice, Oh, you know what, they are flying the private jet, 

they’ve got this great life and that I want that and that’s successful.

I wanna be an entrepreneur, well, you know, then you’re living up to other people’s expectations.

And you can never live up to other people’s expectations.

It’s very difficult to find joy and fulfillment when you’re trying to be someone that you are not.

So I don’t believe that everyone should be an entrepreneur.

Just like I don’t believe everyone should try to make a full-time living being a professional basketball player, a professional soccer player, a professional athlete, or a professional musician.

Is not for everybody. 

Same thing with entrepreneurship. 

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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody.

Entrepreneurs, very often you notice they are a weird kind of a special breed of people.

They’re a little bit weird, a little bit strange. They’re not like everybody else. They don’t think like anybody else.

And yes, there are skill sets that you could develop that would increase your odds of being a successful entrepreneur.

However, I truly believe that most of the time, most of the time that entrepreneurs are born, not made.

So I don’t believe that everyone should start a business.

I believe most people shouldn’t start a business.

Is a good idea that they don’t start a business because they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

However, I do believe everyone should be an investor.

Everyone should know how money works.

How do you read financials, how do you make your money work for you? 

How do we invest for the long-term so we can retire comfortably because the school doesn’t teach us how money works?

That’s a problem. That’s our job.

That is our responsibility to learn just how money works.

Doesn’t matter how you earn your living as an employee, as a business owner, as an athlete, as a musician, as a blogger, as a Youtuber, or as a teacher whatever it is that you do, it doesn’t matter how you earn your money, that’s okay.

But how you manage and grow your money, that’s your job.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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