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Crime Patrol – Learning from Bank locker robbery episode

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Crime Patrol is famous crime reality show of SONY TV. Recently they have shown real case of bank locker robbery from Sonpat, Punjab. Modus operandi of this robbery was quite unique and unbelievable. Thieves created 100 foot long tunnel to do this robbery.

I am herewith inside story and real learning from this story.

Real Story of Bank Locker robbery –

Story goes like this, one property agent and history sheeter decided to do robbery in locker room of Punjab National Bank. To enter in locker room they decided to make tunnel of around 100 feet which will open in locker room. As this bank was situated in residential area they could easily found one nearby disputed property from which this tunnel can be made.

They included several like-minded people in this task. They made tunnel of 84 feet long and 2.5 feet wide to enter in bank locker room. Digging work was done with such fineness that water pipeline, telephone cables remained completely untouched during digging. Diwali time was selected by them to cover up noise of digging. They entered in to locker room and opened 88 lockers out of 360 lockers using heavy iron rode and jack. Around 40 Lac cash and jewelry of several lacs was stolen by them during this robbery.

On next day while opening locker room bank manager has seen that lot of lockers are in open condition and contents from these lockers are missing. Local police was called and information was given about this robbery. In couple of days Haryana police was able to crack this case, they have arrested all culprits and recovered 39 kg of gold, silver ornaments and cash. Refer to Times of India link for more details.

Real Learning from this story

Main learning from this real crime patrol story is given below:-

Make sure bank is equipped with latest security system before opening locker

If you are opening new locker with bank you should check that whether bank is equipped with CCTV and other security system or not. Check if bank is following RBI guideline for making strong room or not. As per me If CCTV system cannot be installed in locker room due to privacy, bank should use of motion sensor to avoid this type of robbery.

Prefer bank in commercial area

You should prefer bank in commercial area. It is difficult to do robbery in commercial area because of the security arrangements.

Weak point in this robbery was base of building from where robbers have entered. So, another point over here is one should prefer newly constructed building over old building while taking lockers.

Take insurance for valuable belonging kept in locker

You must be aware that bank is not responsible for the content placed by you in locker. You are placing contents and valuables in locker at your own risk. As per me you should take insurance for valuable kept in locker.

Maintain list of items kept in locker

Another learning is one should maintain a list of item kept in locker. This list should contain information about jewellery type weight information etc. If possible one should keep a photograph of belonging kept in locker.

Maintain Invoice for the item placed in locker

After recovering contents from criminals, police instructed customers to bring proof of jewelry belonging to them. In this case customer need to produce invoice of the jewelry placed in locker. In case if customer fail in giving this proof police may not give custody of this belongings.

Never use locker to keep Cash

Last learning from this robbery is never keep cash in locker, because for jewelry you can give relevant proof but in case of cash it will be an awkward situation.

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