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Corruption Inflation & poverty in India


Biggest enemy of India today is corruption and inflation. Inflation and corruption is growing together in India. As corruption is growing inflation is also growing.

Today if you visit any office you will find starting from peon to manager everyone is corrupt. If you don’t give money your work will remain pending forever. Indian today perceives corruption as normal part of life. Corruption is misuse of power or property for personal gain.

India is considered as one of the most corrupt country as per corruption perception index 2013. This corruption is one prime reason behind inflation and poverty in India.

In India even most simple task cannot be performed without bribe.

(1)    Want to take admission of child in school/college give bribe.
(2)    Want to make passport give bribe.
(3)    Want to pass claim of your car give bribe.
(4)    Want loan give bribe.
(5)    Need permit for business give bribe
(6)    Driving car/bike without license or PUC give bribe

Without bribe nothing moves. Let us see what happens because of this corruption.

Effect of Corruption

(1)    You don’t believe in System and government. You start protecting yourself and you get used to getting things done by yourself. You try to deal with all types of problem on your own.

(2)    As you don’t trust system and authority any more your will try to find shortcut to the policy or rule made by them. Simple example is driving car or bike without license. You will not follow rules as you know that you can give bribe to save yourself from police.

(3)    As you are not abiding law and giving bribe, you are influencing corruption and making yourself & India poorer. Bribe sucks significant share of poor’s income. It is estimated that only 20% of the government’s anti-poverty funds reach to poor.

(4)    Corruption slowdowns country’s economic growth and adversely affect on development. As people do not believe in system they will not pay tax honestly. No tax means less money to government. Less money to government means slow infrastructure development, increase in tax slab and increase in price.(Inflation)

(5)    Rise in inflation means adverse affect to purchase power of normal man. Common man either controls his desire or finds a way to make illegal money. This is the way inequality gap is increasing. Rich get richer and poor get poorer.

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Corruption –>  Increase in Inflation –> Increase in Poverty

Although some people have stepped up to fight against corruption but considerable improvement is not seen yet.

New Government has taken step to formulate SIT against black money let us see what happens next!

At the end I would like to say that let’s fight against corruption, don’t allow bribe to become our national food.


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