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Coinflash Simple and low risky way to invest in Cryptocurrency

Coinflash is simple and low risk way to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum are most popular digital cryptocurrency. Out of these digital cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is fastest growing and costliest digital currency all over. You may be surprised to notice that a return given by a bitcoin in past one year has beaten all other asset class. If you have purchased Bitcoin before one year you could have earned 585% by today. The price of 1 BTC is 2.85 Lakh as on 1st Oct, 2017.

Looking at return offered by bitcoin you must be thinking to put money into it. However, let me remind you that bitcoin purchase in India is legal or illegal is debatable. If you still wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, Coinflash is for you. Let’s take a look at how Coinflash works?

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How Coinflash works?

Coinflash actually does not take any money from you. It counts up your spare change from credit card and debit card transaction. Coinflash rounds up your change to the nearest dollar from your credit and debit card purchases and invests it automatically into the cryptocurrency of your choice. This happens at the end of every day, week or month based on your setting. It invests that amount via Coinbase. This is good a way to grow your spare money.


Coinflash automatically reads your transaction. You just need to give permission to Coinflash for reading transactional data from your credit or banking card. Coinflash works in association with Coinbase. Coinbase is the digital wallet for buying and selling digital currency. You can use your google account to sign up with Coinflash. Once signup you need to link your credit/debit card and Coinbase account to use this service.

This service is chargeable and you need to pay $1 in Ethereum or Bitcoin per month to Coinflash for using this service. It is fixed fee irrespective of your investment amount. You need to authorize this app for this deduction. A purchased cryptocurrency will be deposited into your wallets.

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If you are planning to invest into cryptocurrency bitcoin, then this could be easy and low risk option to enter in bitcoin without putting a lot of cash at once.

How you put an alert in Google Trends to buy cryptocurrency?

It is interesting to note that Google Trends can also help you in making a purchase decision of cryptocurrency. You can find out what people are searching on Google from google trends. Coinflash has published an interesting study on the website. As per study price of bitcoin is correlated to google trend data.

bitcoin google trends

Image Courtesy – https://coinflashapp.com/blog/

This means whenever search volume of keyword “Bitcoin” is increasing rise in the price of Bitcoin is observed and vice versa. I have verified this and it is happening in the same way.

You can generate an alert in Google trend for the search Topic “Bitcoin”. This means Google will alert you via email what is right time to invest in cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

In order to set this alert, you need to visit https://trends.google.com/trends/subscriptions . Click on Add Subscription. Input Topic as Bitcoin, select alert frequency and click on subscribe button.

google trends bitcoin

You are done. Google Trends will alert you about bitcoin search and you can take an appropriate investment decision.

Note – Google Trends method suggested here is not tried by me yet. The risk for buying selling bitcoin via this method is entirely on you. If you have tried this method share your experience in the comment section given below.

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