Budget 2014 – 20 Jokes & Funny reactions

Budget is perceived as serious talk but now a day’s people are taking budget very lightly. On the day of budget we could find some funny jokes and reactions flowing in social media and on whatsapp. We have tried to compile all these funny things. So get ready for laughter dose we are here with some Jokes on Budget 2014. Budget 2014 – 20 Jokes & Funny reactions Earlier Truck was writing Horn Ok Please but now Lines which trucks […]

10 Must Read Jokes on Finance

We have discussed many things on our blog today it is time to spread some humor so we are herewith 10 must read jokes on finance. Jokes on Inflation:- Joke -1  For the first time in the history of mankind “Need”, “Comfort” and “Luxury” are sold at same price in India. Onion – Rs. 75/- Petrol – Rs. 75/- Beer –Rs. 75/- Joke -2 Oh my GOD G for Gold O for Onion D for Dollar Joke -3 As onion […]