Health Wallet by Apollo Munich – Should you purchase?

Health Wallet is a new health product introduced by Apollo Munich. Health Wallet is an interesting product where you can store money and also earn interest income. Money stored in Health wallet can be used for spending on health-related expenses. The unused corpus in a year will be carried forward to the next year. The prime aim of this product is to generate big health fund for the family. In this post, let’s review Apollo Munich Health Wallet in detail. […]

Health Insurance Plans for NRI in India

I recently received email query about Health insurance Plans for NRI in India. The query was very simple, I am NRI living in Bahrain and looking for Best health insurance plan in India. Kindly suggest suitable family cover plan covering basic and critical illness. Can NRI get health insurance policy in India? Can NRI travel to India for treatment and claim? What NRI need to know before buying health insurance in India? These are most common questions asked by NRI. […]

How to claim benefit for multiple health insurance?

Looking at the skyrocketing cost of medical treatment buying a health insurance policy is a sensible decision. It is generally observed nowadays that people buy multiple health insurance policies from different companies. It may be due to increase their sum assured, saving more tax under section 80D or to increase coverage of policy given by an employer. Whatever be the case but people generally get confused when it comes to claiming the benefit from multiple health insurance companies. Recently I […]

Best Health Insurance for Parents

Buying a health insurance policy is an important aspect of financial planning. However, it is noticed that many people still do not purchase health insurance policy for parents. At a later stage, they suffer badly due to unexpected medical expenses. Let me share a story of my friend. My friend has taken family floater health insurance plan. However due to various reasons, he never took health insurance for parents. His father was a heart patient. Before few days, he suddenly […]

Universal Health Insurance Scheme by Government

PM Narendra Modi is likely to announce Universal Health Insurance scheme for the common man soon.Prime objective behind Universal Health insurance policy is to provide health cover to every individual of India. What is Universal Health Insurance Scheme? Universal Health Insurance scheme is a family floater health insurance policy by the government of India. This scheme will offer coverage up to 50,000 Rs to a family of five people on floater basis. This scheme will also cover senior citizen. The […]