Corruption Inflation & poverty in India

Biggest enemy of India today is corruption and inflation. Inflation and corruption is growing together in India. As corruption is growing inflation is also growing. Today if you visit any office you will find starting from peon to manager everyone is corrupt. If you don’t give money your work will remain pending forever. Indian today perceives corruption as normal part of life. Corruption is misuse of power or property for personal gain. India is considered as one of the most […]

Last decade Vegetable price gone up by 350% in India

Inflation is biggest problem of India. Today every middle class people face problem in running household expense due to inflation. Government has many times given commitment to reduce price or to control inflation but ultimately failed to reduce price. With increase in dollar price now petrol price has went up to 80 Rs/- liter, this has caused increased in transportation cost & inflation. Poor people today have no choice but to eat same type of food. In between 2004 to […]

Will Government make provision to control Inflation in Budget 2013?

I have always heard from my grandfather about how things were when he was at my age. A movie ticket was for a few paisa at that time. Now it is worth Rs.200. Salary at that time was Rs.400 and still he could able to save. Today salary level has gone up to Rs.50, 000 but still people are unable to save enough money. This is what we called inflation is, the price of everything goes up. Because the price […]