Small Investment Business Ideas from Rs. 5000 to 5 Lac

Small Investment business ideas – Today you will find a large number of young and dynamic people looking for small business ideas. They want to leave 9 to 5 job and start own business. However, they are running out of business ideas and money. In order to help them, I am here with Small business Ideas starting from Rs.5000 to Rs 5 Lac. Small Investment Business Ideas from Rs. 5000 to 5 Lac  Small Investment Business Ideas with small investment […]

5 Best Business Accounting Software India

A business accounting software is mandatory need of every business owners. A business accounting software help you to organize your financial data so that you can take an informed decision as and when required. One of the most popular software used for accounting in India is tally. However, apart from tally, there are multiple accounting software available in the market. Let’s evaluate and find out best business accounting software available in India. In order to evaluate these software first, you […]

10 Golden Rules for Successful Business

Starting a business in India is easy today. Availability of fund, a good business environment and willingness to start a business is major driving force behind it. If you are fed up with your job and planning to start a business I have something for you. Today I will be sharing 10 Golden rules for running successful business. These rules are proven rules and drive from careful research and analysis. These rules are adopted by many successful business tycoons. 10 […]

Franchise Model or Independent Business Model

Planning to start a business? Should you go ahead with franchise model or start an independent business? It is a most common question asked by many people today. Let me share one story with you. My friend was looking for new business opportunity. He was doing a job and not aware about how to start a business. He incidentally came across lucrative franchise offer of a restaurant. He accepted the offer and started his own restaurant business. This franchise business […]

40 Small Town Business Ideas with low Investments

Do you want to start a business in small town? If yes, here are 40 small town business ideas with low investments. When you start a business you need to consider multiple factors. The major factors of consideration are capital investment, types of business and location (town or city) . Out of these location plays a vital role in the selection of business. As size and population of city is decide the level of competitions you are likely to face […]