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Budget 2014 – 20 Jokes & Funny reactions

Budget 2014

Budget is perceived as serious talk but now a day’s people are taking budget very lightly. On the day of budget we could find some funny jokes and reactions flowing in social media and on whatsapp. We have tried to compile all these funny things. So get ready for laughter dose we are here with some Jokes on Budget 2014.

Budget 2014 – 20 Jokes & Funny reactions

  1. Earlier Truck was writing Horn Ok Please but now Lines which trucks will keep after the increase in Cigarette price (Budget  2014)

Budget joke

  1. Digvijay : Cigarettes costlier and footwear cheaper! More Foot In The Mouth now!
  2. 200cr for a statue? Acche din aa gaye. Not for us for pigeons.
  3. Isko Acche Din Bolte hai to Bure Kisko Bole !
  4. Crowd outside Cigarettes stores


  1. If IITs and IIMs keep increasing like this, one day we will be asked name of IIT and IIM along with zip code.
  2. Smoking will be now a treasure funding to the govt.
  3. One of the biggest BUdget speeches ever it would have taken him 6months for writing alone.
  4. Providing 100 crores for every scheme is the biggest achievement for this Budget
  5. I think to finance every 100 crore scheme, govt. is planning on producing a film  which would earn 100 crores.
  6. Achche Din Anne Wale hai but terms and conditions applied.
  7. 100 Crores for 100 Crores Indian
  8. Bullet train chalane walo.. Subah subah patri pe baithne wali Janta maaff nahi karegi
  9. Seems Mayawati was more intelligent than Modi and Jaitely..at least she got 100+ statues for 200 Cr instead of one.
  10. Forget about health, according to Budget 2014 smoking is now injurious to wallet.
  11. Every Scheme will take 100 Cr what a planning yar.
  12. Acche Din with 100 Cr Funds.
  13. Smoking is now more injurious to wealth – Budget 2014
  14. लड़कासिगरेटपीताहै ? ‘जीबिलकुल’  मतलबअच्छाकमाताहैरिश्तापक्का.. Budget 2014
  15. Cigarettes on EMI


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