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5 Reasons Customers Do not Buy from You

You want to sell your product or service but the customer is not ready to buy it. Have you ever had this experience?

You try your very best to sell your products and services you explained the whole thing it makes perfect sense to the prospect but yet in the end they don’t buy.

And you wonder, what’s going on? Why the hell they don’t buy? Today I am going to share five reasons why people don’t buy.

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5 Reasons Customers Do not Buy from You

#1 No Need

The first reason why people don’t buy from you is no need or low need. So despite how great your product or service is, the prospect might not need it or they might not need it right now. So what do you do? 

Imagine this you’re going to the mall, and you know how you’re walking through the mall, walking to your store, the store that you want to go to, In the middle, maybe it is in between the booth someone talks to you – Try this thing free sample or try this cream on. They are interrupting you. You do not need that product and you find it annoying.

Well there you go, there is no need. You cannot convince someone if they don’t think that they need your product or they want your product or services.

There’s nothing you can do with these types of prospects, it’s better to cut your losses and save time you qualify them and then disqualify them very quickly and then move on. 

#2 No Urgency 

Reason number two is no urgency. You see delay kills the sale. When they say to you oh yeah you know what, I’ll think about it, I’ll get back to you, send me more information on all of that stuff it’s called lack of urgency.

They don’t see why they need to buy right now. You haven’t given them a reason why they need to do it right now.

You see tomorrow never comes. What you don’t close today. you will not close tomorrow.

Although they’ll be very nice to you and they’ll be very polite, and say yeah you know what follow up with me three months from now, I’ll get back to you, no you’ll hear from me.

What happens when they say that? You never hear from them again. Delay kills a sale. So what could you do? You need to demonstrate you need to show them that hey why they need to do right now.

Maybe it is an exclusive offer, maybe it’s a limited quantity that we only have so many of these.

If you don’t buy them right now well they run out, and you will not be able to get them anymore. Or it could be limited time.

Hey, this is only available within this period or this offer is only available within this period. You have to give people a little bit of push otherwise they don’t act.

#3 No Desire 

Another reason why people don’t buy is no desire. You see people don’t buy what they need they buy what they want.

They want a car, they want a house, they want a new suit, they want their bed, they want a new pair of shoes, they want a vacation, and they don’t necessarily need it.

You think about a lot of things in your life we don’t need. 

  • You don’t need that new computer.
  • You don’t need that new table.
  • You don’t need that new video game.

You want it, the desire. How do you create that desire? How do you create that insatiable desire that people want to buy what you have to offer?

Usually, you do that with an offer. An irresistible offer. How can you make it so compelling?

How can you make what you sell so interesting and compelling and irresistible to your prospects?

That is a no-brainer and so hey, you know what, I want this. And you can create that desire or you can tap into the existing desires they already have, that’s already within them.

You see human beings have so many desires. It’s not as complex as you think. So reason number three is no desire. No desire no sale.

#4 No Money

Reason number four is No money. No money is a prime reason why people don’t buy.

This is probably the most common one. No money or they don’t have a budget or they don’t have the money right now available to buy what you want to offer to them.

Now, this may or may not be the case, if you’re selling to people who’s got no money, my question to you is, why the hell are you selling to people who cannot in the first place afford what you offer?

But let’s say they do have the money or they can find the money somehow. 

What this usually means is no value. What they’re saying is yeah I can’t afford it. Maybe they can’t afford it, but chances are is what they’re saying is I don’t see the value in this.

I don’t see why this cost so much. As a closer, we have not presented our offer in a compelling way that they could see in terms of money and value.

#5 No Trust

Reason number five, why people don’t buy from you because of no trust.

They don’t believe you, they don’t trust you, and they don’t trust your product and services they don’t trust your company. So how do you handle this? You can do it in many ways. 

You can do that by giving them more social proof, giving some testimonials, what your other customers have to say about your products and services, proof, social proof, or can tell them the history of the company.

How long you have been around or proof or data or case study if you’re selling anything in the health and fitness niche, maybe show them some of those proof.

If they don’t trust you they cannot buy. It’s very very important but that’s one more point not that they don’t trust you, they don’t trust themselves.

Yes, they don’t trust themselves. They may trust your product, and they trust your company but they don’t believe that it would work for them.

It’s gonna be a waste of money. How is this time going to be different?

Final Words 

I want you to look at these reasons why people don’t buy.

  • No need No sale
  • No urgency No sale
  • No desire No sale
  • No money No sale
  • No trust and No sale.

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