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5 Levels to Become Business Authority Online

Are you struggling to get customers? Are you frustrated that you’re not getting paid what you are worth?

Are you sick and tired of people not knowing you, not buying from you, and not trusting you?

Today I’m gonna teach you something new to you. I am going to share 5 levels of becoming an online business authority.

5 levels of business authority online

5 Levels to Become Business Authority Online

#1 Generalist

You are a generalist, and when you are a generalist you’ll always struggle to attract clients and not command the commission, the fees that you want.

What am I talking about?

Fill in the blank.

A generalist is another blank. 

  • He or she is another plumber.
  • He or she is another real estate broker.
  • Another stockbroker.
  • Another digital marketer.

It is the same, you look at them, you look at everyone else, you are lost, and they are lost in a sea of sameness.

You can’t tell the difference between them and anybody else.

So when you talk to them, “Hey, I’m a life coach.” Oh, another one of those.

They cannot tell the difference. Your prospects can’t tell the difference between you and everybody else.

And when they cannot tell the difference what happens is you have to compete based on price.

Oh, I offer way more value, or I charge a lower rate, or I’m far cheaper.

The problem with that is when you live by the price you die by price.

Now if you’re smart and you know what you’re doing you get to the next level, which is level number two, which is what I call a specialist.

#2 Specialist 

Now, let me ask you a question.

Who makes more money? 

A family doctor or a brain surgeon?

Who makes more money? Of course, a brain surgeon.

A brain surgeon makes more money because he or she is a specialist.

They specialize in a certain skill set, or they specialize in a certain industry, or they specialize in a certain niche.

That’s what makes them a specialist.

As a specialist, you can command more money and more respect because you specialize in one or two things, usually just one thing, and that is good.

At the specialist level already you’re doing way better than a generalist.

You see the best people at anything in a society usually get paid the least amount of money.

Isn’t it true?

It’s not just about being the best at what you do you also need to be known for being the best.

And they are two very very different things. 

And then when you get a little bit better you get to level number three and that is the expert level.

#3 Expert

Now you’re not just a specialist, you are an expert.

Now as an expert, now it’s not just you are good people know that you are good, you have now a track record.

You have some history, you have some happy clients and customers.

You are known in that industry, you are known in that niche, and that’s good.

As an expert, you’re already making more money than most people.

Think about it, when you wanna solve a major life problem or a business problem if you could afford it.

Do you just wanna hire a generalist? or do you wanna hire an expert?

Let’s say you wanna do Lasik eye surgery. Do you really want to hire someone who’s the cheapest in town?

Or say you know what?

Here’s an ad, it’s a promotion, buy one eye and get one eye free.

Or do you wanna go to the expert?

Someone who is specialized in that, someone who’s been doing that for a long time.

Exactly my point, that’s the difference.

And then a very very small percentage of the population, they move up to the next level and that’s level number four and that is a celebrity.

#4 Celebrity 

Now you are famous.

Now as a celebrity, there are a lot of celebrities out there who are famous but they are not famous for the right reason, right?

They may be famous because they are associated with other celebrities.

That they are well-known, but they’re not well known for something, or they’re not well known that they’re good at something, they’re just well known.

And chances are a lot of those even if you see them in media, don’t last very very long.

They don’t have longevity because they’re missing that one key, and there’s one more level that you can go to, and that is celebrity authority.

#5 Celebrity Authority  

Now as a celebrity authority, you’re not just well-known you’re now known for something.

You’re not just an expert, you are the number one person at what you do, and the world knows that you are the number one person.

And that changes the game.

What do I mean by that?

Look at Richard Branson.

Richard Branson gets a minimum of $75000, to do a speech, to deliver a talk.

Now why do people pay Richard Branson $75000, just to do a talk?

Because he is a celebrity authority.

Now you may be thinking, no but then he’s a billionaire, of course, he gets paid $75000.

That is not true because there are a lot of billionaires out there who don’t get paid $75000, to do a speech.

Richard Branson gets it because he is a celebrity authority.

Look at Oprah, what business do you think she’s in?

Now you might be thinking, oh she owns a TV network, we all know that she’s a TV personality.

She owns the magazines. That’s not true.

Oprah is in the business of Oprah. Oprah is in the celebrity authority business.

You look at most people, the biggest personal brands in the world.

They are all in the celebrity authority business.

You see most struggling entrepreneurs, spend way too much time working on the what.

  • How could I be a better coach?
  • How could I be a better digital marketer?
  • How could I be a better copywriter?

Instead what you need to work on is working on the who.

Everybody’s spending time working on the what, you are not spending enough time working on the who.

  • Who you are?
  • Who you want to be known?

Almost everyone spends way too much time working on the what and not enough time working on the who.

Who you are.

You see at the highest income level you don’t get paid for what you do, you get paid for who you are.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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