5 Most corrupt country – Checkout India’s ranking


Whole world seems to be corrupt today. Everywhere we see corruption. Be it government or private organization from top to bottom one has to give money get work done. Be it USA, Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh or somalia everywhere work is getting done by corruption.

Transparency International has published report of corruption perception index 2013. This report contains information about 177 countries & their corruption reality. Highest score under this report is 100. 100 means clean country and 0 means most corrupt country. In short lower the score more is corruption.

Report said India is one of the most corrupt countries. No worry “Hum to waise hi hai aur waise hi rahenge”. Scam, corruption and cheating are part of our life.

India maintains 94th position with score of 36.


Rank -94

Score -36

Among BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) country India is one of the most corrupt nation. South Africa & Brazil is on 72th position. China is on 80th position. Only Russia is clean among BRICS it is on 127th position.

5 Most corrupt country

Somalia (Number 1 corrupt country)

Rank -175

Score – 8

In Somalia everywhere you find corruption. No system or rules regulation only one thing corruption that is the reason somalia is on number 1 position.

Afghanistan (Number 1 corrupt country)

Rank -175

Score – 8

Afghanistan is also one of the corrupt country, biggest problem in Afghanistan is illegal land acquisition.

Sudan (Number 2 in corrupt country list)

Rank -174

Score – 11

South Sudan (Number 3 in corrupt country list)

Rank -173

Score – 14

As per survey all African country seems to be corrupt, sudan is on top list.

Libya (Number 4 in corrupt country list)

Rank -172

Score – 15

Libya got only 15 points. It seems corruption is part of libya’s life.

Iraq (Number 5 in corrupt country list)

Rank -171

Score – 16  

You can read full report on Transparency International website.

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