India Corruption Monitor – Bribe Trends in India

India Corruption

Corruption is biggest issue of our country. Indians are not inherently corrupt our value and culture is very good but somehow corruption is born out of system failure.

The solution to cure corruption permanently is to stop looking at it from a moral perspective, but from an economic perspective.

Corruption follows a mathematical formula

Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Accountability

Wherever these conditions are there, be it the public or private sector, corruption tends to happen.

So we have to change systems based on this formula, to reduce corruption.

We can reduce corruption by reducing monopoly powers of people & reducing the discretionary powers vested in officials. We can reduce corruption by increasing accountability.

Apart from this we can reduce corruption by reporting it.

Reporting it online on Ipaidbribe:- provides facility to report corruption. Total 21685 Reports are already filed against corruption on this website with total amount of 58.27 Cr.

Corruption Monitor

According to this website Karnataka is most corrupt state and Bangalore is most corrupt city. Maharashtra is second most corrupt state and Mumbai is second most corrupt city. This website provides facility to see Bribe Trend online. India corruption monitor is given below with bribe trends by city.

Bribe Trends

Reporting it to Income tax:-

Apart from this we have legal way to report corruption to Income tax department. Income Tax department urges you to speak up if you see, if you hear or if you have been victim of corruption.

Income Tax Corruption

Your cooperation is solicited in our drive against corruption.

Help our country India to fight against corruption & black money.

Do Share with your friends if you wish to fight against corruption.

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  1. Confidence Vs Arrogance

    Both , Sheila Dikshit ( Congress ) and Vijay Goel ( BJP ) , are loudly proclaiming that their party will win the forthcoming Delhi Assembly Elections , with a thumping majority

    Even Arvind Kejriwal ( Aam Aadmi Party ) is saying the same

    That is understandable , considering that the Commanders must enthuse their cadres

    Such confidence on their part is a pre-requisite for winning

    But what happens when Sheila Dikshit says ,

    “ Aam Aadmi Party ? Who are they ? Nobody !
    They don’t scare us . They are insignificant .
    What is their agenda ? What is their record ?
    People of Delhi will ignore them ! “

    Now , that is bravado

    People of Delhi !

    For over a decade , you have suffered this insult

    4th December is your time to teach a lesson to the arrogant rulers of Delhi

    By voting / electing , at least 40 AAP candidates

    Only you can give yourself a break !

    • hemen parekh ( 12 Oct 2013 )

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