So sorry we could not save Rupee fall

so sorry

Yesterday we have observed one of the biggest stock market crashes in sensex (769 points). Majority of investor has lost money in this crash. It is estimated that market capital of 2.21 lac cr was eroded.

Main reason shown for this crash was fall in rupee price. Rupee is now all time low 62 Rs/-. Government has tried various measures to keep rupee price in control but it seems government has failed.

It reminds me of movies scenes which is shown in couple of movies, scene is like “Doctor does operation and if unable to save patient he come out and say sadly : So sorry we could not save the patient”.  

Similarly our doctor Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan singh & Mr.Chidambaram Finance minister has taken various steps to control rupee fall but they failed.  

We are here with small movie made by India today group, So sorry we could not save Rupee fall.

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