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3 Strategies to Invest Your Money In Your 30’s

Are you in your 30s but you’re not so sure how to invest your money? Investing is a confusing world and I have been getting a lot of questions asking – 

  • Where should I invest? 
  • Should I Invest in Cryptocurrencies?
  • What do you think of Forex Trading?
  • Do I invest in penny stocks? 

If you ask me. I don’t invest in any of those things because I don’t believe in them. I believe in the fundamentals. I don’t believe in shiny objects like crypto, forex, penny stocks, etc.

So, where do I invest? Which are 3 Strategies to Invest Your Money In Your 30’s? Today, I am going to share with you three strategies on investing your money. 

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3 Strategies to Invest Your Money In Your 30’s

#1 Investing in Increasing Your Income

When you’re in your 30s I know that it feels like you don’t have a lot of time, but you have more time than you think. One of the things that you have working for you is time you can use and leverage the power of compound interest and make money.

When you’re in your thirties you need not think about return much. Instead of worrying way too much about getting the maximum return why don’t you invest in yourself? Self-investment is the best investment.

Maybe for you, it is reading that book maybe is learning about public speaking right, or joining a local Toastmasters. Learning your communication skill maybe also go to certain networking functions and develop your network and expand your contact list. 

Your network equals your net worth. 

So, don’t go so rushing into the marketplace and buying all kinds of investment things like that gimmicks don’t do that. Invest in yourself you’ll always get the maximum return when you are investing in yourself.

#2 Focus on the big 3 Investments 

There are three types of investments in this world and these three types of investments had created more billionaires and millionaires than anything else. They are –

  1. Businesses 
  2. Stocks
  3. Real Estate 

Look at most wealthy people’s portfolios they have these three investments. 

There are a few exceptions where they might have a few other things but pretty almost all wealthy people either create their wealth or they now hold their wealth in these three categories. 

Success leaves Clues. So stop paying attention to so much noise out there and invest in businesses, stocks, or real estate.

#3 Have 3 Types of Financial Plans

I believe you need three types of financial plans most people have got zero financial planning. 

1 Get Rich – Certain (30 Years Plan)

You need the plan to get rich certainly. What do I mean by that it means that it is something that is a plan that works for certain.

It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what you do to make money. It doesn’t matter if you do business or you work for somebody else. You need to invest a certain amount. Putting some money aside you’re investing perhaps in mutual funds or in the stock market to take advantage in terms of the power of compounding.

You don’t need to be fancy. You need to have a set-it-forget-it type of plan. 

2 Get Rich – Smart (10 – 20 Years Plan)  

The second type of plan that you must have it get rich smart. Now in this plan, you are much more involved. Think about Get rich certain that’s a passive. Now Get Rich – Smart is active. You’re more like an active investor, you’re learning right the more skills.

The most sophisticated you become as an investor the higher the return you’ll be able to generate.  

3. Get Rich – Fast (5 -7 Years Plan)

The third plan is to Get Rich – Fast. In this plan, you need to think that what you could do to earn more. Earning a lot more than you are earning right now. How, you can double, or triple your income every few years?

So, you can get rich fast. Once you earn more you can put that money in various categories.

That’s it nothing fancy that’s the best way to invest forget about all that noise on social media keep it very very simple investing. It’s not supposed to be an exciting thing keep it boring and should be very repetitive. 

Over to You

Where do you invest your money? Which strategies do you have for investment? Do you have a financial plan? Share it with me at sk@moneyexcel.com.

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