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3 Best Habits of Rich People 

Do you know why you struggle financially?

Do you know why you’ve got no money at the end of the month?

Because you have the habits of poor people.

You see, rich people, we have very, very different habits compared to the poor and the middle class.

Today, I’m gonna teach you what those habits are. 

Remember we are what we repeatedly do. Human beings are creatures of habit. Do you notice that you kinda do the same thing, the same routine, over and over again and again and again?

See, getting rich is not an act, it is a habit.

So is staying poor, it’s also not an act, it’s not something that just happens to you, it is a habit.

So, let me teach you the three best habits of rich people.

3 habits rich people

3 Best Habits of Rich People 

#1 They count their money

The very first habit of rich people that is they count their money. Poor people don’t count their money, they get a paycheck, they deposit a paycheck, they spend the money, they have no idea what their expenses are, and they have no idea how their money flows.

You notice, poor people have a job and wait ’til maybe once a year when they file their tax return, the taxes that are owed is how much of their pay.

They look at the numbers, they don’t even look at the numbers.

They’re just, “Okay, alright, “that’s how much I need to pay.”

File tax return and that’s it.

And they look at it maybe once a year!

Rich people, we don’t do that. We look at our numbers regularly, we are financially literate.

I’m not a numbers person, don’t get me wrong. Okay?

I’m a concept guy.

Okay, I’m a big-picture thinker, I’m a visionary but I am very, very careful and I’m very aware of how my money is flowing.

I look at my numbers, I log into my account every single day I will look at my cash flow, I will look at how much cash reserve I have.

I sit down with my calendar every single week, look at my financials, every single week.

Looking at my financials across all my companies, how are they doing?

Because what gets measured, gets improved.

So, habit number one, rich people, we count our money regularly.

  • How often do you count your money?
  • How often do you look at your bank account?

Not bitching about it but how often do you look at every single line of expense all your revenue, where it comes from, is it improving?

  • What do you need to work on?
  • What are those key performance indicators?
  • Are you looking at those numbers?

So, that’s habit number one.

#2 Pay Yourself First

Habit number two is they pay themselves first. Now, you’ve heard of this before.

“Oh yeah, I know.” “Shitanshu, I’ve heard of this before, you gotta pay yourself.”

Do you know actually what that means? Paying yourself doesn’t mean buying yourself a car, it doesn’t mean taking that vacation, it doesn’t mean that you go blow money on entertainment.

“Oh yeah, I’m paying money to myself.” No, that’s paying everybody else.

When you’re buying a car, you’re paying the automotive company.

When you’re buying a house, you are paying the bank.

When you are traveling, you are paying the travel agency, you’re paying the hotel, you’re paying the airplane company.

Paying yourself meaning that you put your money aside and you invest your money.

Now, I’m not talking about being frugal, if you know anything about me, you know my work, I’m not talking anything about being frugal and being cheap.

I’m talking about taking a percentage of your income and putting that aside, pay yourself first, save it and then you invest it,that’s what I mean by paying yourself.

And a lot of people, if you’ve read the book, The Richest Man in Babylon,it talks about that you should save 10% of your money and pay yourself 10%, I’m telling you nowadays, with what’s happening with the inflation, with what’s happening in the world, everything is more expensive, if you wanna get rich, paying yourself 10% is way, way, way, way not enough.

You should, at the very minimal I don’t care where you are, start off with 10%, I don’t care if you’re making 5 Lakh a year, you pay yourself 10% of it.

8 Lakh, 9 Lakh, 10 Lakh and you pay yourself 10 % and as your income increases, I want you to also increase the ratio.

So, you should at first 10% then you should aim to save 20%,30 % to a point where you are making so much more money and then now you’re only spending a small percentage of what you earn.

That’s your goal, that’s called paying yourself.

But you might be thinking, “Shitanshu, okay, I wanna pay myself first “but I’m not making enough money, I’m only making a few thousand a month.

“I couldn’t even afford to pay my bills. How am I gonna pay myself first?”

First of all, you’ve gotta have the habit of paying yourself first.

If you’re not paying yourself first, even a tiny, small percentage when you’re making 1 Lakh, 2 Lakh, 3 Lakh a year, I guarantee you, when you’re making a million, two million a year, you’re not paying yourself.

It is a habit that I’m talking about.

And in order to do that, in order for every single year to be able to pay yourself more and more and more and put into investments, So, that’s habit number two, pay yourself first.

#3 Constantly Improving Your Earning Ability

The number three habit is rich people are constantly improving their earning ability. You need to improve your earning ability.

You need to find ways of how you can add value to the marketplace, how to add more value to the marketplace So, every single year, your income is going up every year. 

If you’ve been working in the real world and you have your own business and your income kinda stays flat for the last two, three, five years then shame on you. 

It means you’re not learning, it means you’re not thinking, it means you’re not growing. Every single year, your income, you have to strive to improve that, your earning ability.

And rich people will always constantly be looking for ways to improve our earning ability but also looking for ways to add leverage, to apply leverage into what we do. 

Maybe it’s through relationships, maybe it’s apply leverage through learning. So, I have more ideas and more strategies, I can improve what I do.

Maybe it’s through better people that bring on better people to my team so we can perform at a higher level.


Maybe it’s through marketing.

  • How could I get my message out there?
  • How can I have people know what I have to offer?

We’re always constantly looking for leverage.

So, those are the habits, the three best habits of rich people.

Understand this, I’m gonna leave you with a quote.

“You do not decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.”

So, Let me know what habits you have (by sending an email to sk@moneyexcel.com) that you want to get rid of, that are holding you back.

Some poor people’s habits, how do you get rid of them? And what are some of the new habits of the rich that you are going to develop?

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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