ASM List – What to do in ASM list Stocks?

ASM List

The ASM list has created havoc in the stock market. All shares listed under ASM list are declining sharply. Investors are worried and directionless. They are wondering about what to do in ASM listed stocks? If your portfolio also contains ASM shares and you need help about decoding term ASM and precaution you should take here is complete information about ASM including ASM list.

What is ASM?

ASM is Additional Surveillance Measures. It is a new category formulated by SEBI to check market manipulation. High-risk stocks are placed under ASM list. Let’s try to understand this by example.

Graphite India is a multibagger stock. Graphite India has given exceptionally high returns to the investors in past one year. On 31st May, 2017 stock price of Graphite India was Rs.115 and on 31st May, 2018 price of Graphite India was Rs.888. This means in last one year this stock has given 672% CAGR return to the investors.

Graphite India is now placed under ASM list. Similar to Graphite India there are other multibagger stocks such as HEG, Dilip Buildcon which are placed in ASM list. You must be thinking why multibagger stocks are placed in ASM list.

The stocks that follow simple criteria such as price volume spike is put under watch. Apart from that if a stock price is not justifying fundamentals it is put under ASM list.

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ASM list is released by BSE and NSE as per SEBI’s guideline under ASM framework. The intent is to keep the Indian equity markets safe for investors and check undue volatility in stock prices.

The exchange will review these stocks on a bimonthly basis and make the changes as per ASM framework. The shortlisting of stock under the framework is only on the account of surveillance it is not a disciplinary action against the company.

How ASM affects Investors and Traders?

After getting complete understanding about ASM let’s try to understand how ASM affects stock market investors and traders.

  • Intraday trading in ASM listed stock will be very difficult. Trader dealing in such stocks have to deposit 100% margin, and these counters attract 5% circuit filter. This means stock price in such stock cannot go up or down by more than 5%. This means traders have limited profit or losses.
  • One can sell shares if it is lying in the demat account.
  • For investor it is bad news. Due to negative bias, these type of stocks are likely to fall. Existing investors profit will be negatively impacted.
  • If you are long-term investors you need not worry about such short-term fluctuation or negative news.
  • The ASM measures helps uninformed investor as it reduce speculation in the stock market.

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ASM List

Here is the list of 91 stocks along with scrip code that are placed under ASM List –

Sr NoSymbolCompany Name
18KMILES8K Miles Software Services Limited
2ACEAction Construction Equipment Limited
3ADANIGREENAdani Green Energy Limited
4ADANITRANSAdani Transmission Limited
5ALOKTEXTAlok Industries Limited
6AMTEKAUTOAmtek Auto Limited
7APEXApex Frozen Foods Limited
8ARCOTECHArcotech Limited
9ARROWGREENArrow Greentech Limited
10BHARATRASBharat Rasayan Limited
11BILENERGYBil Energy Systems Limited
12BIRLACABLEBirla Cable Limited
13BOMDYEINGBombay Dyeing & Mfg Company Limited
14BRFLBombay Rayon Fashions Limited
15BUTTERFLYButterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited
16CIGNITITECCigniti Technologies Limited
17DIAPOWERDiamond Power Infra Ltd
19EMAMIINFRAEmami Infrastructure Limited
20EMCOEmco Limited
21EXCELExcel Realty N Infra Limited
22EXCELINDUSExcel Industries Limited
23FCLFineotex Chemical Limited
24GAELGujarat Ambuja Exports Limited
25GALLISPATGallantt Ispat Limited
26GAYAHWSGayatri Highways Limited
28GLOBUSSPRGlobus Spirits Limited
29GMBREWGM Breweries Limited
30GRAPHITEGraphite India Limited
31GTLINFRAGTL Infrastructure Limited
32GVKPILGVK Power & Infrastructure Limited
33IBULISLIndiabulls Integrated Services Limited
34IBVENTURESIndiabulls Ventures Limited
35INDIAGLYCOIndia Glycols Limited
36IOLCPIOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited
38JBFINDJBF Industries Limited
39JINDWORLDJindal Worldwide Limited
40JPINFRATECJaypee Infratech Limited
41KDDLKDDL Limited
42KIRIINDUSKiri Industries Limited
44KSKKSK Energy Ventures Limited
45LAKPRELakshmi Precision Screws Limited
46LITLLanco Infratech Limited
47MANPASANDManpasand Beverages Limited
48MERCKMerck Limited
49MIRCELECTRMIRC Electronics Limited
50MOHITINDMohit Industries Limited
51MOREPENLABMorepen Laboratories Limited
52MRO-TEKMRO-TEK Realty Limited
53NAGREEKCAPNagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Limited
54NATNLSTEELNational Steel And Agro Industries Limited
56OLECTRAOlectra Greentech Limited
57OMKARCHEMOmkar Speciality Chemicals Limited
58OPTIEMUSOptiemus Infracom Limited
59PETRONENGGPetron Engineering Construction Limited
60RADICORadico Khaitan Limited
61RAINRain Industries Limited
62RAMGOPOLYRamgopal Polytex Limited
63RAMKYRamky Infrastructure Limited
64RESPONINDResponsive Industries Limited
65RNAVALReliance Naval and Engineering Limited
66ROLTARolta India Limited
67SABTNSri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Limited
68SCAPDVRStampede Capital Limited
69SEAMECLTDSeamec Limited
70SHILPIShilpi Cable Technologies Limited
71SOLARASolara Active Pharma Sciences Limited
72SORILINFRASORIL Infra Resources Limited
73SPLILSPL Industries Limited
75STAMPEDEStampede Capital Limited
76STERLINBIOSterling Biotech Limited
77SUNILHITECSunil Hitech Engineers Limited
78SUPERSPINSuper Spinning Mills Limited
79SUPREMEINFSupreme Infrastructure India Limited
80TEXMOPIPESTexmo Pipes and Products Limited
81TFLTranswarranty Finance Limited
82TVSELECTTVS Electronics Limited
83TVVISIONTV Vision Limited
84UVSLUttam Value Steels Limited
85VINDHYATELVindhya Telelinks Limited
86VIPINDVIP Industries Limited
87VISESHINFOVisesh Infotecnics Limited
88VMARTV-Mart Retail Limited
89WEIZMANINDWeizmann Limited
90ZENITHEXPOZenith Exports Limited
91ZENTECZen Technologies Limited

Note above list is as on 21st Sept 2018. You can find the latest list on BSE website under Notice and Circulars section.

What investor should do in ASM Listed Stocks?

ASM is good for the long-term investors. There can be short-term panic in ASM listed stocks but it is good for quality stocks as it eliminates speculations.

If you have ASM listed stock in your portfolio don’t get panic. Follow the steps given below.

  • Avoid Fresh entry in ASM listed stocks. Due to trading restriction stock price is likely to go down further.
  • Study fundamentals of the stock. If fundamentals of stocks are good to stay invested in the stock. If required take help of a stock market expert.
  • If fundamental of the company is bad then try to exit as early as possible.

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I hope the information given above on ASM list will be helpful to the investors.

What is your take on the ASM list?

Do share your queries and comments.

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Happy investing!

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