Top 15 Freedom Stocks on 15th Aug

Top Stocks

Freedom Stocks 2012 — On occasion of Independence day, CNBC has suggested 15 such stocks in which you can invest and can get rid of worries. As per them this stocks are just invest and forget they will defiantly give you good returns. 7 stock market experts have suggested here that how these stocks will reap you good returns in few years.

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There are 15 stocks for long term means more than 5 year. This is from CNBC Awaaz Freedom stocks. Let’s check out which are these stocks.

TOP 15 Freedom Stock with Expected Retruns:-

Sr NoStockCMPTargetIn YearExpected   Annualized  Return
3WABCO TVS13046400822.00%
4BAJAJ FINS9424600821.92%
6GODREJ PROPERTY5102500725.49%
9ALEMBIC PHARMA60200527.23%
15GLAXO CONSUMER2783200001021.80%

CNBC Awaaz Video on Top 15 Stocks:-

Do you think that these stocks can give you good returns?

Do you think that experts have suggested right stock for investments?

Do share your views on this.

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  1. shrikant says:

    Yes L&T and SBI is good stocks and i have earn good return from these stocks….

  2. raju says:

    As these stocks are suggested by experts they will defiantly provide good returns.

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