How to get free credit score & report from Paisabazaar?


Paisabazzar is an online marketplace for loans and credit card. Now Paisabazzar also offers you free credit score & report facility. You must be aware that credit score and credit reports help you when you apply for the loan or credit card. Almost every financial institution and bank check creditworthiness of an individual before approving loan and credit card. Credit score & report from CIBIL helps them in making a decision. If your credit score is high your chance of getting loan and credit card is high. I have already discussed credit score and credit report in my earlier post. In this post, let’s discuss how to get free credit score & report from Paisabazzar.

How to get free credit score & report from Paisabazaar?

In order to get free credit score and report follow the process given below.

  • Login to Paisabazzar website. You will find the link to getting credit score and report.
  • Once you click on that link you will be taken to a page where you need to provide some basic information to get free credit report.
  • You need to provide your full name (as per PAN card), date of birth, PAN card number, city, email address and mobile number.

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credit report

  • Once you fill up this details system will send verification OTP code via SMS on your mobile number.
  • You need to enter OTP and press “Get My Report” button. The system will prompt you for employment type and salary details.
  • Once you provide this information you will be able to see credit score and report.

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Key Features of Credit Score and Report from Paisabazaar

  • Credit report available for download & offline usage.
  • Detail information about credit factors affecting your credit score.
  • Current loan and payment history.
  • Customized offers on a Credit card, personal loan, and Insurance.
  • Monthly report generation facility.
  • Refer and Win.

Please note that your credit score is a mirror of your creditworthiness. Your credit score should be as high as possible. Generally, a credit score of 700 and above is considered as a good score.

The factors that affect credit score is your payment history, type of credit and amount of money you owe to various lenders. You should make sure to pay your due on time in order to maintain a good credit score.

I hope process given above for downloading credit score will help you while applying for a loan.

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