No Income Tax in India – Modi’s Next move

No Income tax

Imagine how good it is if Income Tax is abolished in India? No tax means more money to every individual. You must be thinking is it a joke or what? Well, it is not a joke. No income tax in India is expected to be Modi’s next move. After demonetization of old high denomination notes, the government is expected to roll out next economic reforms and No Income tax could be one of them. Let’s discuss how this dream can be turned into reality.

No Income Tax in India is Modis next move

In order to make India “Sone Ki Chidiya” (golden bird) again Shri Narendra Modi has started a fight against black money and corruption. Recalling high denomination currency of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 was the first step towards that. This step was in accordance with reviving Indian Economy – Arthakranti Proposal.

The ArthaKranti proposal is a well-researched scientific approach designed to completely transform the current Indian socio-economic scenario.

“Arthakranti Proposal” has been given by a Pune (Maharashtra) based “Arthakranti Sansthan” which is an Economic Advisory body constituted by a group of Chartered Accountants and Engineers. This funda has been patented by the Sansthan. The government is planning to execute this proposal in two parts.

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Part A –

  • Recall and scrap old high denomination notes Rs.500 and Rs.1000.
  • Introduction of new Rs.500 and Rs.2000 Notes
  • Old Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes to be deposited into account.
  • In 50 days bring around 15 Lac Cr in banks.

Part B –

  • Reduce Interest rate on saving bank account from 4% to 2% or less.
  • Reduce fixed deposit rates drastically.
  • Reduce home loan rate and keep it up to 7-8%.
  • Implement GST by 1st September, 2017.
  • Abolish Income Tax for individuals.
  • Reduce corporate tax rates.
  • Introduce new Banking Transaction Tax.

It is claimed that if economic reforms mentioned in Part A and Part B is successfully implemented India, India will be like USA. The government has already started implementing part A.  It is expected that by 30th December, 2016 around 15 Lakh Cr old high denomination notes will be deposited into various banks.

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From the year 2017 implementation of Part B will commence. In the new year 2017 bank will have enough cash on hand hence saving bank interest rate will be reduced from 4% to 2%. In addition to that fixed deposit, rates will be reduced to 5% -7%.

Home loan and car loan interest rate will be reduced to 7% to 8%. The reduction in a home loan interest rate will straight away benefit real estate sector and affordable housing scheme project. The price of real estate will reduce and will be affordable to common man.

By September 2017 the government will introduce GST reforms where all tax will be replaced by single tax system called as GST. In addition to the introduction of GST, it is expected that corporate tax rate will be reduced to 30%.

Once all these steps will be executed Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give a gift to Indians by removing Income Tax. Income of every individual in India will be income tax-free then onwards. No Income Tax will be the biggest gift ever by any prime minister in the history of India.

Now a question arises that once the income tax is removed how the government will get money to run the nation. Well, once all cash will be deposited into banks everyone will be enforced to use banking system for every transaction. New banking transaction tax will be introduced. Every transaction such as cheque, Demand draft, RTGS, NEFT, Credit Card, Debit card etc will come under this new tax system. The rate of the new banking transaction tax will be 0.10% to 7%. Everyone including farmer will be covered under new banking transaction tax system. The government will directly get the income based on transactions. No black transaction will be entertained. The strict rule will be formulated for unaccounted money and nonbanking transaction.

It is expected that implementation of above steps will give following benefits.

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Benefits of Implementation

  • Transparency in Economy
  • More purchase power to individual
  • Saving in amount of tax paid
  • Drop in commodity prices
  • Availability of Loans from bank at lower rates
  • Terrorist and anti-national activities will be eliminated
  • Significant growth in the employment
  • Indian economy and business will be globally competitive

It is indeed a very good concept. If it is implemented effectively India will surely become a global economy with a competitive edge.

As of now, no confirmation is received on the removal of income tax and implementation of banking transaction tax. However, it is indicative that Modi government will take steps suggested above after demonetization move.

Do you think demonetization of the old high denomination is correct step by Modi Government?

Do you think ArthKranti proposal will be beneficial to our country?

I support the initiative of Modi government. If you support this initiative do share this post with others on facebook and twitter.

Hope about dreaming zero tax India will become reality soon.

Article by Raviraj

Raviraj is the man behind He is graduate in finance, engaged in blogging since 7 years. Moneyexcel blog is ranked as one of the Top 10 Personal Finance Blog in India. He is not affiliated with any financial product, service provider, agent or broker. The purpose of this blog is to spread financial awareness and help people in achieving excellence for money. Please note that the views expressed on this Blog/Comments are clarifications meant for reference and guidance of the readers to explore further on the topics. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion.

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  1. Dr. Jawahar Lal bansal says:

    Dear Raviraj,If saving bank and FD interest is drastically reduced,where to invest surplus white money-in mutual funds or gold. Kindly reply.

  2. JayaKrishnan Alambath says:

    If Bank Transaction Tax is to be introduced then why GST?
    If big denomination notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 are abolished then why re-introduce new Rs.500 and Rs.2000 notes?
    Why was cash transactions above a certain limit not banned?
    How can you call this Arthakranti?.

  3. Kitu says:

    Typos corrected.

    Hi !
    Sounds good at first. But small income group people will also have to pay transaction tax … as I can understand after reading this.
    This will be unfair. Higher income people must pay higher amount to govt. And below taxable range people as of now.. like 1.5 lack/ an. Male as 2.5 lack/ an. (Finantial year 2016-2017) deserve exemption. CZ it’s really small amount, nothing can be done with it like household mgt etc.
    So, I think we deserve right clauses under this big shot >> No income tax.
    ***?? MH12 Rocks !! AM a proud Punekar ! ?

    • Mani Sriram says:

      In principle you are correct. However I do feel everyone should also pay tax as per his capacity and demand as a right the services from govt. So the Bank transaction tax percentage could be based upon the cumulative total volume of bank transaction performed within a period, say within a month, or quarter. In that way, some sort of justice will be done, where the lower income group who will be doing lower volume of transactions will be paying lesser percentage, while the higher income group will pay higher tax.

      • Finance Thinktank says:

        If lower income group need to pay tax then the necessary infrastructure should be made available for them so that their livelihood is not disturbed

    • abdul says:

      hey !

      as far as i think its based on the transaction value of the amount for eg: if i have a transaction of 1 lakh and say transaction tax came upto 4000 but the other guy who made a transaction of 10 lakh would have to pay 40000 transaction tax , which make sense and wont gulp the money from poor

      • prem says:

        it is very bad idea because farmamers are going to loose thier money in the form of tax irrespective of the amount spent in the form expenditure, they have to pay on the total amount what they get. one year farmamer will get income in the next year they may not get income and also they have to get loans at higher interest rate. so my strong suggestion is totally exepmpt agricultural income because the farmamers are back bone of india let’s support in all forms. we have seen several times in the news that farmamers are committing sucide because of debts and lack of rains , lack of price their crop. Let’s support farmamers.. thankin you.

  4. Sreenivas says:

    Definitely a great move if that really happens..most of the salaried ppl money goes into taxes and if they get that back,they can help the economy to take it to the next level.

  5. ivan sequeira says:

    I’m not sure its gonna happen or not. Raviraj Sir, Its a fantastic article to read.

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